Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another good day....slow but good

Before we get into talk'n bout all the stuff I did yesterday....let me tell ya bout that chair (recliner).
Ya see, I was sit'n over here at the revamped desktop look'n at an' do'n stuff on the computer. I was comfortable sit'n in my office chair. That's when I says....."let's go sit in the recliner". I get it set just like I like it, an' in 10 minutes, I'm sound asleep. Sleep is NOT the reason I bought this thing.
Anyhows, I thought that was funny.

I was work'n with Google maps yesterday. Map'n out the south Texas trip....put'n markers at bout every 200 miles or so for overnight stays. As with all of Google products, Google maps is screwed up. I switch to the earth view, I get a black screen....with my route show'n. Ain't no trees, houses, grass....there ain't nuttin. Now, is it Google, or is it the Windows 8.1 I got on this computer???
Anyhows, after a couple hours, I have a 4 day route all the ways to Victoria, Texas with 4 overnight stops along the way.

Have ya ever modified a piece of wood?? Well I did. Ya see, I need something to keep them office trays up there on the desk shelf from fall'n off go'n a hunnert mile a hour round a corner. On a boat it's called a fiddle. A raised edge....kind of like a wooden fence to keep neighbor dogs from shit'n in your yard. Today there is a possibility I may pull the desktop, paint the piece of 1x4 on the back of the desktop flat black an' paint the fiddle gloss white to match the shelf. Put a good coat of poly on the two runner thingys an' I'll have me a completed desktop.

There's also a possibility, depend'n on how I feel after while, I may locate the pivot point for the swivel on the recliner. This is a engineering skill what most people know nuttin about. So I ain't gonna try to 'splain it. From yesterdays measurements, it looks like that pivit point will be exactly 42.5 degs off center. (I just said that to get the engineers all excitis)

Boy howdy, it's so freak'n hard to slow down after a lifetime of "go go go". I spent the entire day yesterday "do'n stuff" an' there ain't a damn thing done. Three little chores. But a ton of think'n, take'n breaks, sip'n up a cup an' puff'n a few smokes.

Just in case you're think'n there won't be no more tug boat talk, pictures an' stuff, git that out your mind right now. It's been three days since I work on that thing, but don't go think'n I'm gonna put it in a closet. I just don't have the extra time to indulge in one my favorite hobbies with all this other back break'n work I been do'n.

Speak'n of back break'n work....yes, my friggin back hurts. Ever morn'n I get up out of bed with some back pain. Enough to remind me to take a couple Advils. Other than that, I feel pretty darn good....consider'n all that ails me.  

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