Sunday, November 9, 2014

Productive days.....like 'em

Holy cows, it's gonna be a beautiful day here in Carrollton, Ga. The sunshine is bear'n down on "da house, it's up to a whoop'n 52 degs out side an' I feel like a hunnert dollar bill this morn'n. You cain't beat that with a stik. Well it would be nice if'n you was load'n up a set of golf clubs to make a tee time.

I ain't been say'n much bout my back pains an' stuff like that. After all I went through in the last 3 months, I don't even want to think bout it. It is what it is. My last an' only option left is to have some redneck doctor kill a couple nerves....or, go back to the first option of get'n them shots of steroids an' nerve deadener. Both options are temporary an both have consequences.....they may not work.

Now, bout pack'n up an' head'n back to Texas. Boy howdy, this is gonna be hard. I'm *this* close to the worst fear of RV'n....besides fire. It may be time to hang up the keys. Set "Sally da house" up on concrete blocks an' mow the dad gum grass. Not a excit'n thought.

Leav'n family an' go back to "liv'n alone" ain't all that excit'n neither. It nice to have the kids an' grandkids drop by to visit every few days. "Yo mama" an' HIL Harry check in on me every day to see if'n I'm still kick'n. Good cook'n an' a cheap place to stay. But I got to go on with my life...excit'n or not. No departure date has been set.

With the new rules in Texas bout vehicle registration an' state safety inspections, I'm up the creek. Along with all the other Texas RV'ers. In my case, I have two vehicles registered in Texas. One due in January an' the other in September. A safety inspection is required before you can register your vehicle....starting in March. This means, no matter where you are travel'n, you got to return to Texas for the inspection. Google research has offered no remedies to this situation. My god, what if I'm in Alaska when the come due????

Yesterday I tole ya bout pain't some white paint on the tug boat. Well, yesterday, I painted some black paint on the tug boat.
Pay no 'tension to that gray line, it, an' the entire bottom will receive a paint'n of red paint today. Maybe....
The cabin will also be painted red....but not today. From where I'm sit'n, that thing looks a bit like Noah's ark.....less family members an' a gazillion wild critters.

Did I make that trip to Walmart yesterday? Well hell no. Ya see, "yo mama" an' HIL Harry come down for coffee an' a visit. It weren't but 10 minutes an' here come a small container of coffee grinds. I'm good for another week.

Ok, I got to sweep the floor, make up my bed...do a little housework. Find that other tube of super glue. My god, I put it right there an' it's gone. Oh yeah, an' finish clean'n up the yard.


  1. The boat is looking real good so far. I do hope you don't decide to "block up" Sally da House"...staying in one spot for very long is a pain sometimes!

  2. Its was fun there with the family, but like you said time to move on. Maybe come back again next year for another visit and have fun again.
    That boat lookin' good.

  3. When you have a house with wheels you can come back any time you feel the need.

  4. Nice work on the boat, I know what you mean about fear other then fire, I think it's all in the mind and sitting still, soon as I get on the road it all goes away like it was never thought of.

  5. Ya gotta do what feels right for you... being around family is good, but wandering is too. We will be here no matter which way you choose!

  6. I know the feeling - I'm one who needs to move around from time to time, but I also know I need family and I think they need me (well, not all that much, but I hope I add something to their lives. They sure add to mine).

    That boat sure is looking fine!