Saturday, November 1, 2014

Company galore.....

Ok, gonna have to pass on a blog post this morn'n....oppps, afternoon. I got grandkids, grandkid friends, an' "yo mama" gonna be here right shortly.....maybe. Kids are ask'n my hunnerts of questions..."can I shoot your .357 magnum papaw"??? Ah, I think not. So they outside shoot'n air rifles. There goes my can of .177 pellets.

Rudder is finished on the tug boat.  Well, almost. A little sand'n needed where it was soldered together. I also know how to solder rudders.

It's cold like a sum-a-gun outside. 37 degs last night....but I was snug as a bug in 15 pound of nice warm blankets. Fleece keeps ya warm ya know.

Ok...till tomorrow....see ya laters.


  1. Way back about 50 years ago, some guy wanted to shoot my .357 and I let hem. He didn't hold it quite right and after it went off, if flipped backwards in his hand and he wound up looking down the barrel. He never asked to shoot it again. Funny, I never had that trouble. I have two of them, one with a scope and one with open sights.

    1. That is weird. I never noticed any recoil from those little popguns like a .357 magnum.

  2. it got down to 59°f this morning and it got up to 90°f today, that is seriously cold for down here at this time of year . every day more and more rich 73 year old widow wimmins are coming down here, it's a true smorgadge board buffet for old red necks that know how to solder things and build things like tug boats ,cabinets ect...
    hundreds of golf courses and things to do for senior citizens like you B.B. are all down here waiting for you.

  3. I do believe I mentioned you in my blog today !! Hope ya don't mind.

  4. You been busy there, but at least you keeping warm. Gonna warm up next week a bit.