Friday, October 31, 2014

Things go'n pretty darn good......yeee haw!!!

I rekon I could try to pick up where I left off yesterday, but shoot, it ain't really that important.
But, just in case ya want to know.....me an' Robert went run'n round town to pick up a few needed items.

Not find'n a much needed fitting for my water filter thingy, I will remove that sucker. Take me a big ol' hammer an' smash it to smithereens. Then off it goes to the nearest dumpster. See how simple water filter repairs can be?

By the time we arrived back at "da house", the mail lady had dropped off my Texas mail. In that mail was my brand spank'n new credit/debit card. I calls to activate it. The nice lady asks me bout a hunnert "security" questions an' walla, my card is activated. I git online to Amazon an' PayPal an' edit my card information. I'm good to go for order'n stuff online. This was very important 'cause I need some tug boat parts.

Speak'n of tug boats, I did a little more work. In the even'ns when there ain't nuttin on the TV worth watch'n, I work on "da boat". You're look'n at right bout 6 hours work on just the deck an' rub rails.

 The deck is hand layed up wooden strips over a ABS plastic thingy....what ever you want to call it. Sanded down to a *this* close to a perfect scratch free surface. Ready for stain an' a couple coats of polyurethane. On the sides of the hull, the tedious job of install'n rub rails has been completed. Still in need of a little sand'n. Paint scheme yet to be determined. "What color do ya paint a tug boat"???

Oh....did I mention that my new desktop makes a perfect hobby table??? 

Now, accord'n to the instructions, the deck is to be glued in place NOW......never to move again. But....wait a minute, I have some work to do UNDER the deck....and...the deck will be finished before I permanently glue that sucker down inside the hull. Parts will be ordered TODAY for that under deck construction. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Ok, don't know if'n I mentioned it or not, but I went out there an' adjusted the air on my water heater. Boy howdy, that sounds soooo much better. This sucker ain't never gonna red light on me again. So I thought. It was red lighted again this morn'n when I needed hot water to warsh my face. The water was freez'n cold....wake me up in half a second. "Back to the draw'n board Billy Bob".

The cold front has hit at Billy Bob's house. Got down to only 43 degs last night......but, it's supposed to hit the 32 deg mark tonight. My god....what is the temps in south Texas???

Now that winter is here....kind of sorta, I've been think'n of only one thing...."GIT OUT OF GEORGIA" before it gets REALLY cold. You know.....lower 20's an' into the teens. I got to protect Billy Bob from freez'n to death, along with protect'n "Sally da house" from water line freeze ups. This sucks.

Some thought has gone into "kill'n" nerves. This is a one month procedure. You know...get'n an' appointment, shots to temporary deaden the suspected nerves, then go'n back after two weeks to kill them. By that time, there will be 3 foots of snow on the ground an' I'll be stuck right here in "yo mama's" yard.....freez'n my ass off.

Bout kill'n them nerves. My experiment with Advil is work'n pretty good. I don't need to kill no stink'n nerves right now. I'm sure there is a doctor in Texas that can do it if'n things get worse again.
But, for the last two morn'ns, I have jump out of bed with some back pain (6 or so). Not all bended over though an' a couple Advil fix that right up (3 to 4). I'm think'n I could probly make it through 18 holes of golf ball swak'n.

Speak'n of cold weather, the "fix it" to the "billy jeep" is put on hold till next week when it's gonna warm up a bit. I checked at the local auto parts stores....spider gears are located in Atlanta. Can be there the next day.

Ok, I'm done for the day. Look'n at that tug boat sit'n over there. Heee hee, guess what the old Billy Bob is gonna do?

If'n I think of anything else to write about, I'll be back.


  1. The thing about getting nerves murdered in Texas is that you have to go all through the tests again. You know they won't take the word of Georgia docs - they have to do it themselves so they can bill medicare & secondary insurance for something. I'd vokte for getting it done right where you are. The cold won't kill ya, Billy Bob.

  2. it got down to 68°f last night ,the cold front came in today at noon and now it's 71°f. if you wait a month you will be snowed in and can not leave til it thaws next spring . down in the rio grande valley they will take all of your other doctor's reports ex-rays and history and give you what you want . if you decided to get it done there in georgia as they say sh*t or get off the pot , in other words get it done asap so you do not have to suffer or even freeze to death while waitting . then you have the recovery time . or maybe you secretly love the freezing cold weather ? how many months has it already been that you've arrived in georgia to get your list all taken care of ?

  3. We gonna be back up into the 70's here next week in Georgia, just in time for us to leave.

  4. OH, NO, There you go again with that big ol' hammer! :>) Ha ha

    BB, I thought the boat kit was a complete one; No?

    You aren't going to believe it. A snow blurry went through and left me a good 6 inches out there on the porch. This is not good, not good atall. Much too soon for me, although my critters seem to think it was just great for romping up, down and all around. Durn fools carrying a ton of snowballs on their fur, yapping to go out, come in, go out again, come in again. I believe it will feel like 19 F tonight; nope, not good atall. I become a stiff board in situations like this. Don't even dare step outside.