Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Scratch it off the list

Only one positive thought, an' I could make it through another day.

I was sit'n here yesterday morn'n....I got to think'n. "Ya gotta git up an' do something". Ain't nobody gonna help me, so I got to do it myself. Yes things have changed.

A pile of tools are dragged out the tool compartment....an' Im gonna fix them drawers what don't stay closed go'n round corners. I'm do'n pretty good, chang'n out little screws with great big ones....I fix the hall drawer. Sounds easy huh? Well, it weren't, not even a little bit easy.

The drawer I builded under the refrig., it needs a device to hold it in also. Go round a corner a hunnert mile a hour....it slings open. *hunnert mile a hour especially for Dizzy Dick* In the bedroom is a cabinet door with the exact "hold a door closed" device I need. I remove the device. Now the damn cabinet door gonna be fly'n in the wind. "Pssssssttt, Billy Bob, velcro". A short narrow strip is applied....door works just fine.

Here comes my other son, Billy. I'm sit'n on the floor in front that dad gum drawer....cuss'n. "Hi daddy, whatcha do'n"? Billy assists me in fix'n that drawer. He's such a good boy. Two drawers have been repaired.

Then...Billy go outside an' start tear'n the "billy jeep" slap apart. He changed the thermostat an' refill it with antifreeze. He's such a good boy. We crank it up to remove air from the ststem....an' turn the a/c on as cold as it go. It don't get cold at all. The compressor clutch ain't kick'n in. Oh boy, one more item for the "fix it" list.

 Now I know some stuff bout fix'n a/c's an' stuff like that, I grab holt to some tools....an' a multimeter. I start check'n voltages. The connecter thingy to the clutch magnetic coil has 13.4 volts. That's a good sign. The magnetic coil is ohmed.....open circuit. It needs replaced. That's where we stand today on the a/c repair. Auto parts store, here I come....but maybe not today.

While Billy is chang'n the thermostat, I am' over there clean'n that other day/night shade. Holy cows, that looks pretty dad gum good. I'm done.

This is before it was removed for clean'n. It's a "new" color now. *wait'n for Robert for installation*

This is after a good warsh'n with Simple Green....good stuff.

Bout my back issues, I been in misery for the last two days an' today ain't much different. Can ya hear that bulldozer run'n in the background????


  1. You never answered my questions about the results of killing nerves. How will it affect your walking, feelings in your legs, back, etc?

    1. I'm sorry Trouble, I thought I posted bout that. From what I researched, the nerve kill'n will only kill pain. no effect on leg functions, walking or any that stuff. Finding the right nerves to kill is the next procedure before they commit "murder". This involves short term deadening shots until the correct nerves no longer feel any pain.

  2. You said:
    "I hope I never call the "billy jeep" "that jeep". When I bought "billy jeep", it was to remove some of the stress of own'n a freak'n POS "that jeep". Now don't get me wrong, I liked "that jeep", but the damn thing had to be fixed way too many times. Now, "billy jeep" is piss'n me off. Where the hell is that water leak? Do ya see what I'm talk'n bout? I wanted a reliable mode of transportation, an' what did I get? "Fix me please"."

    I'm thinking that you need to change the name of "Billy Jeep". Maybe "Fix Me Jeep"

    Did Billy's thermostat change stop the water leak?

    1. Ha ha Ed, you remembered what I said.
      I took it for a spin today....post office an' auto parts store. Temp was right where it supposed to be. Haven't check yet for a leak.
      I didn't mention it, but before he changed the thermostat, he ran his hand under the thermostat housing an' walla walla Washington, his fingers were wet. I'll do that in a bit just to make sure my fingers are dry..

    2. By the way, what did you do with the older Jeep?

  3. Nice that you are getting all those things fixed up, soon you will travelling all over the place, pain free.