Friday, October 17, 2014

Tug boats...yeeee hawww, I love tug boats

"Holy Crap Billy Bob, do ya know what time it is"? There ain't nobody sleep that long. Well, it weren't really THAT long, but almost half the day is gone.....poooof, just like that.

Ya see, it's like this.....I was sit'n here watch'n that dad gum television last night an' there weren't nuttin on that I would ever in my life time watch. So's I flips on the computer. Read the late blogs, check out for any drama on Facebook....well I want you lookie here, over there on the right on the the Facebook page is some advertising ad thingys. There's my boats I been look'n at.

Well hell, lets look at boats for a while. I did a indepth study of them boats....that means I look at them for bout 4 or 5 hours....pictures an' stuff. A little "put together" research. "MY GOD, it's 4:30 in the morning".

I was measure stuff in "da house"....nope, that boat won't fit there. I have only one choice.

Ok, before we get too far along on this, let's talk bout what big is.
The first boat, the one I like a whole bunch, is 39 1/2 inch long an' 9 inch wide. That's a big boat. Ya got to remember my Mississippi River boat is 36 inch long....that's a big boat. But it don't look that big sit'n up there on the wall. A 39 1/2 inch boat sit'n under it wouldn't be that bad. If I had 39 1/2 inches. What I don't. I have 28 inches max at this point. But wait a minute, the old Billy Bob know how to modify stuff.

The second boat, the one I like a whole bunch, is 33 inch long an' only 6 inch wide. It's that 6 inch wide I don't like, even though the real tug boat had the same proportions. In other words, that's how wide it's supposed to be......six freak'n inches. Have ya ever turn a skinny boat over? Think'n canoe.

Now that third boat, the one I like a whole bunch, will fit perfectly over there under the Mississippi river boat with NO modifications to "Sally da house". But....that boat is not what I consider a tug boat. This is my third choice....down the road a piece.

So what is my #1 choice of tug boats? Each of the three have some things I don't like an' would have to git a little modification of some sort. I could do that with any of the three. But, to maintain the original "real" tug boat specifications....well you know what I'm talk'n bout, ya don't change nuttin.
The #1, Brooklyn Tug, is my first choice. That's the green one posted yesterday. This is the boat I want.

But, last night, I came *this* close to order'n the second one, the 33 inches Coastal Tug Lackawanna. But, this boat is also too long. And it's a second choice, not first choice.

So, here is what I'm gonna do. Move the passenger seat forward to gain some much needed inches. But still undecided over #1 an' #2. Shoot, there's another possibility I may just remove that seat an' throw it in the dumpster.

An attempt to not mention pain on my blog will be attempted. Shoot, that sentence don't make no sense. At this point I have made no decisions on what I'm gonna do. We'll just leave it at that until I DO make a decision. Advil is work'n pretty good. Well, kind of sorta.

Ok, "yo mama" showed up with her little bucket an' some clean'n stuff. I got to git slap out her way, she gonna clean woodwork. She's such a good girl.   


  1. Yes the big green one would be my choice, then the one on the bottom and then the one in the middle. (pictures on your yesterday blog posting). Any of them would be a nice project to build.

  2. Hee hee,,,the center one has been ordered. But it took some research for that decision.
    Ha....I also ordered 36 of my pencils....last me the rest my life.

  3. You are making very important decisions now, no need to rush into this.
    Nice to have an nice place to hang out with and that good girl, past wife she do a great job. ( I have a couple "yo mama's" too that are pretty good to me now too) Suzie even likes 'em.

  4. It will be interesting to see the work on the boat as it progresses. I'm glad you have a project to work on.

  5. BB
    If you remove the passenger seat where is Sadie going to sit?
    The green boat looks more like a tug boat .
    Keeping busy can be hard work. lol

  6. if you buy all 3 boats and spend all your concentration on putting them together you might not notice the snow outside and by the time you finish all 3 it might by summer time again ,you'll wonder what happened to winter . i would like to know what happened to your idea of buying and flying a single propeller helicopter ( not a quad- copter ) ? with a spy camera ?