Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dang, I got some stuff done.....Yeeee Haaaa

Ok, here we go with a new day following yesterdays totally wonderful day.

As I sitted here in my awesome comfortable office chair, I look across the room at that tug boat. I says...."NO Billy Bob, we ain't work'n on no tug boat". On my left lays my .22 lever action Henry rifle....in parts. My repaired computer lays over there on the couch. A Walmart bag full of "tug boat" construction stuff lays at my feet. $80 freak'n dollars worth. Well wait a minute, $13 of that was for a great big ol' bottle of Advil.

All the tug boat construction stuff is stowed on the "hobby" shelf. 

Ok, the Henery rifle is hang'n back up on the wall. All blueing has been accomplished. Billy Bob ain't no gunsmith....but ain't nobody gonna see it but me.

I'm typ'n on my own (repaired) computer this morn'n. I spent close to 4 hours yesterday look'n for my photo files, install'n Firefox, mov'n stuff around. I'm think'n in another month, it will be back to the way it was before. Three years of photos are miss'n. But I'll keep look'n. God I hate Windows 8.1.....upgraded from Windows 8.0.

Of course, I just had to mess with that tug boat. Cut some extra PVC plastic off'n the two hull sides. Did a little sand'n so's the fiberglass will have something to bite to. Clamped it up an' applied super glue.

A question was asked in yesterdays comments...."what about "El Rancho Abraham"? Well, it's like this. Sinton, Texas is a very boring place to camp. Golf course an' the Mexican food eat'n place are the only two excit'n places to go. It's a long trip (bout 30 mile) to any action such as fish'n, shop'n or any kind of adventure. Sides that, me an' nephew had us a little run-a-round when nephew Frank's camper trailer was placed in MY camp'n site. Cost wise, space rental in a RV park in Aransas Pass is NOT much more than what I was pay'n nephew Joseph. An' much closer, in miles, to the finer things in life.

Ok, why the hell do my back hurt this morn'n (6 to 7)? Well, it could be one of two things.....or both. Last even'n, I decided I would try another experiment.....not take any Advil. Then I adjusted the pressure in my Number bed to stiffer. Note to self....make only ONE experiment at a time. 
Two Advil down the hatch, back to a nice 4....or so.

Well shoot, it's a absolutely beautiful day, I need to do something. 



  1. Did you have to heat the pieces to blue them? About parking the RV somewhere, the location can be worth a lot.

    I hope you enjoy your day, it's still raining here....

  2. I agree that location means a lot. When we in Ontario the one campground we stay at is free camping, (membership) but not always convenient so we stay at a friends place close to family etc,, and costs us about $70. a week dry camping, but worth it to us.

  3. Sounds like you're feeling a LOT better.

  4. it got down to 64°F this morning , now it's 89°F with 18% humidity .that is the reason that thousands of rich 73 year old widows are coming down to the valley and to find a man that can build them a tug boat and do some other handy man stuff for them and in return that man would be rewarded handsomely .this valley will double in population by january . it is a true smorgasbord buffet for old peoples down here . all the medical services are all nearby for what ever ails a senior citizen . this is senior citizen heaven on earth during the winter months you know ( november til april ). so if your felling up to the challenge B.B. you might consider 150 more miles south of sinton . where 100's of golf courses is fishing spots dance halls ect.. . do you still remember how to dance B.B. ? so get your nerves murdered and think about where you want to go from there .