Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Appointments...two of 'em

Just sit'n here ya know. Dang I wished something excit'n would happen in my life. Sit'n ain't excit'n.

Dental appointment scheduled for Wednesday morn'n. When Robert tole me that, I said "What's wrong with Monday (yesterday)"? I was in some kind of tooth pain. Now it the perfect time to get a tooth pulled slap out. Anyhows...."yo mama" bringed me a couple Tylenol III. I took me up one an' in bout 15 minute....all my pains was gone. Well not ALL pain, but I was feel'n like a hunnert dollar bill.....with bout 25 cent worth of "wooozie".

When the pain come back a few hours later, I took me up a Advil. Believe it or not, the pain subsided to a bearable level. This makes me think....could I be immune to 500mg aspirin as a pain reliever?

In just bout a couple hours I have my appointment to see the "nerve killer" doctor. He has received reports from the other doctor....or doctors. All I need to bring is my copy of the MRI. Don't know what he gonna do today, but I hope it's something good. You'll be the first to know. No I ain't excitis. He owns great big ol' needles ya know. God I hate needles.

Rain....let me tell ya bout some rain. Right bout 2am I was awakened by somebody hose'n down "Sally da house". I'm talk'n water here. Buckets of water. An' it never quit for the rest of the night. I git up. It's still rain'n. I open the door for Sadie Mae to go out. She says "nope, I'll hold it". Robert left a winder wide open. Gallons of water are on the floor an' on my driver seat. Sop'n wet. The winder at the couch was left open. More water. It's 67 degs out there.
Ha....the rains just stopped.

Ok, I got to get ready for my appointment. I'll see y'all after a while.  


  1. Yes, good luck. I guess you can't lay on the couch or sit in the driver's seat until they dry out.

  2. At least you've been able to deal with the pain in time. There's no use to let it linger for long enough that it can impact you more severely in the future. Better arrest that bit of a problem now, indeed. Anyway, I hope it has subsided and the dental treatments went well. All the best!

    Denise Walker @ Peter M. Rumack, DDS