Saturday, October 18, 2014

Update...Cherry Chocolate Cake......Another week gone....pooof, just like that

The Advil experiment ain't work'n so well. Dag nab it!!!!

I ain't removing that passenger seat. Just moving it forward bout 8 inches. There will still be plenty of foot room if'n I ever go on a trip with a passenger. Sadie Mae don't give a care where the seat is located. She's a good, understanding that I need the extra room, dog. 

Dang, I hope Louie ain't right bout me be'n stuck in a snow storm here in Georgia. That would suck. If I had had the back surgery, plans were made to stay nice an' warm here while I recovered. Big ol' propane bottles, extra blankets, full length thermal undergarments....stuff like that. But, with no surgery, I am free to depart Georgia any time I get a hanker'n. Of course, that won't happen until the important repairs are made to "Sally da house".....and I make "that" decision (kill some nerves).

Been a bit chilly at night here in Ga.....lower 50's. But it's beautiful during the day time.....mid 70's to lower 80's with a ton of warm yer body sunshine.

Back to Texas. Now that's a problem. Ya see, I'm get'n pretty used to be'n around people (family). When I return to Texas, I'm gonna be all alone again. Just me an' Sadie Mae. That's gonna be hard.

I remember a few years back, something like bout 10 or 15 years, I would'a been happy to be a dad gum hermit.....liv'n in a cave or something like that. But, like everthing else, grow'n older, changes things. I now stay clear of caves, forests an' mountain tops. Shoot, I got to do me some serious think'n bout this situation.

Don't know where I'm gonna go when I get back, but I'm think'n somewheres in south Texas. It don't get cold in south Texas ya know. "Google is your best friend Billy Bob, do some research". Then there's always the possibility I may need to be close to a big city. Health issues ya know. I ain't got much choice. Did I mention, get'n older, things change?

Now, bout that boat. I chose #2 'cause it will fit (with 2 inch to spare) after mov'n the passenger seat forward. The #1 boat will not fit. That right there is good reason enough to choose a shorter boat.

That dad gum pot of chili is half gone. Dang it's good....*this* close to perfect. When I brewed up my "hobo" chili in chili cook off competition, this is better. "Dad gum it Billy Bob, ya got half a can too much tomato sauce". Did ya know if'n ya put beans in chili it ain't chili no more? But it taste pretty good if'n ya use Bushs pinto beans. Butter beans don't work. Yes, I put beans in my chili. One can to a gallon chili. With this cooler weather, we gonna be brew'n up a pot of real cajun gumbo pretty soon fore ya know it. Knock yer socks off kind of eat'n.

"Yo mama" did a pretty good job of clean'n woodwork yesterday. But dad gum it, she quit. Drink too much coffee an' beat her gums too much. I make good coffee an' I'm a good listener.

Oh my god, grandaughter Rainee an' me is gonna brew up a Billy Bob Cherry Chocolate cake this afternoon. Will try to remember to take some pics before, during an' after. Ha Ha...."yo mama" is at Walmart pick'n up some much needed ingredients. No I didn't send her, she was go'n anyhows.


  1. Because I'm older than you (just a little bit) I can give you some advice. Enjoy the weeks as they go by, because they go by faster and faster and pretty soon you won't know what happened to the week! I got the same problem as you with where I want to live. My choice would be in the mountains of North Carolina (or the mountains anywhere in the east), but I have to be close to family for my quality of life.

  2. Gypsy took the words out of my mouth. I grew up in Fresno, CA. I hated living there--too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Couldn't wait to leave town. I did. Moved to the San Francisco Bay area and loved living there. But then first my husband died, and then my son. I was alone. So I started thinking about how when getting older you need more help. Reluctantly, I moved back to Fresno, where I have family only too willing to help. I still hate the town, but you can't beat family.

  3. it got down to 75 degrees F. last night ,almost had to put on my heat ,brrrrrrrr . at 3pm today it got up to 97 degrees F. with humidity . all the winter texans ( snow birds ) are now beginning to come down here to the rio grande valley to spend the winter .the great annual migration has officially begun .soon there will be thousands rich of 73 year old ladies that sadly lost there husbands and are on the hunt for an other husband to build tug boats for and other handy man stuff.

    1. How I love the sound of 75 DEGREES. If'n I could skate and if'n I wudn so wobbly, I'd saddle myself with a backpack and buckle on the skates and zip to the farways of thet thar Rio Grande Valley. Too cold heres already for my brittle old bones. Hmm, what's a husband?

  4. Very funny. We, rich or poor. Do not want a husband....just interesting friends.