Saturday, October 11, 2014

Simple Saturday.....I ain't gonna do nuttin

Yup boy howdy, another beautiful day in Georgia. I'm almost think'n bout go'n out there an' sit'n in the breeze, soak up some that wonderful sunshine. But first, I have a blog to write.

Remember that tooth I was tell'n ya bout a few days ago. Well that sucker got so bad last night, I thought I was gonna die. "Pull it out Billy Bob....it won't hurt". Oh wait, yes it will. It was 3:30 am an' I'm still sit'n here, tears in my eyes, pains go'n up the side my face....into my brain.....I cain't see straight, I need some relief. Peroxide don't help. Mouth wash don't help. Warm salt water don't help. Aspirin don't help. I was fortunate to get to sleep....maybe 4 or 4:30am or so. This tooth needs to come out.....soon.

Back issues are pretty good this morn'n. I'm think'n I should have bought this chair a long time ago. Now, I ain't feel'n so good that I could go out an' play a round of golf ball swak'n, or run'n in a marathon, or nuttin like that.....but I'm feel'n pretty good this morn'n. What is it?....3 more days? Hope me an' this new doctor get along an' he do stuff "my way". But I don't expect that to happen. "An' don't start talk'n no shit bout my smok'n".

Speak'n of smok'n....I met this lady one time, what lost out on possibly the best thing that could have ever happen in her life....she tell me she don't have nuttin to do with nobody that smokes. My god lady, you just throwed a huge percentage of wonderful people out of your life an' into the dumpster. Ok, I'm done with that rant. Smokers are NOT the scum of the earth, terrorist, bank robbers, gun tote'n murderers ...stuff like that. They decent folk just like you. Grrrrrrr....piss me off!!!

Back to that water heater. It's been on since I reset the red light yesterday morn'n (turn switch off an' back on). I got hot water. Maybe, just maybe, today I may go out there an' take the cover off an' take a look see. Ain't say'n I'll fix anything....just take a look see. What I don't do today, will still be there tomorrow. Like that pile of dirty dishes over there. That's the way I look at things anyhow.

Well poop. I'm slap out of coffee grinds. And some of my meds. Ain't got no bread or milk. Damn I don't feel like go'n to Walmart today. 'Specially since most Walmart shop'n carts have screwed up wheels on 'em. Huh Gypsy??? Ya made me laugh girl.

Oh crap, looks like we might get some rain.



  1. Try clove oil or ground cloves on that tooth for some temporary relief. A pinch from the bottle rubbed on the gums and let it sit. If that don't work, take a small jigger of whiskey and hold it in your mouth as long as you can with your head tilted or laying down so it stays on the tooth. It will numb the pain. You still need a dentist!

  2. I let dental work go for several years and my health really deteriorated. When I started getting things all fixed up my health improved really fast. You might need to get that tooth pulled before the nerve doctor works his magic!

  3. A toothache is a pretty bad thing to have. A quick trip to a dentist, and he will tell you if it can be fixed or needs to be pulled. I have a few empty places in my jaw where tooth aches used to be.

  4. All my tooth aces gone, no more problems, love it.
    Good luck.

  5. A question for you: You ever read blogs other than ones on your list of those you follow? Not hinting although I feel very neglected lately, spechally that mine isn't on your list.

    So many good looking family members you have; you included. Beauties. Yo Mama gorgeous

    Get that bothersome tooth out quickly. Sounds like it is abscessed. . Zoe's right. Dangerous.