Monday, October 13, 2014

Shoot, I lost a day.......Oh...there it are

Sunday morn'n before family showed up for visitation......

This may be a bad morn'n to be talk'n to anyone....or even anyone com'n by for a visit. Pain has struck with a vengeance.....beat the hell slap out me.

Yesterdays trip to Walmart was a "so so" situation. I fount me a cart that had smooth roll'n wheels on it. Although, it did want to go off to the left all by itself. I dropped off my meds for refill. The nice lady says "30 minutes". I says....two hours. I got shop'n to do.

With list in hand, I take off down the aisles......just look'n ya know. I see tools. Yeeeee Hawww, I love tools. Man, I want you look at that socket set....252 pieces in a tri fold plastic case. Look how shiny them sockets are. "Hey you, Walmart worker. How much for these sockets"??? You DO know that Walmart don't put prices on stuff like this....right? I get a fair market price an' throws 'em in my cart. Think'n I can now throw away bout $200 worth of "unshiny" sockets an' ratchets in the dumpster. Shiny catches my eye every time.

Ok, you're think'n I didn't put any thought into this purchase. Well, you're wrong. On my "to do" list is an entry to purchase a compact socket set an' throw all them others out. I'm half way there. Wrenches are the same....I got way too many tools. Dumpster divers welcomed.

Well shoot, the day was over an' I done forget to finish what I was talk'n bout.
 Tomorrow has arrived.

But we gonna talk bout yesterday. It started out bad....as you can see from above. Today is not much different. But...I had a wonderful afternoon. Well to me it was a wonderful afternoon, but to anybody else, it would have been very very boring. I mean, like who wants to sit an' listen to "papaw" bitch an' moan for the next 4 or 5 hours. Man that tooth was kill'n me.

Good news first. Remember them solar panels an' batteries I was worried bout the other day (low charge rate)? Well, Robert climb up on the roof. "Hey daddy, you're parked under a tree". Solar panels don't work so good when ya park under a shade tree. NEXT!!!!

Speak'n of batteries. Robert hook up two them AGM batteries to "Sally da house" an' disconnect the 4 house batteries. This is just a test. Dang, it would be nice to have a set of "maintenance free" batteries to replace these things I have to put water in ever once in a while. Only thing is, they weigh 110 pounds each. Will my battery rack hold 440 pounds (4 batteries)????

Then we took that water heater apart. It needed a little clean'n, but the spark thingy was black with carbon. I fix that with my trusty golf club clean'n brush. Maybe no more red lights.

Grandaughter Rainee spendt the rest of the afternoon "help'n" papaw sort an' toss stuff. By stuff, I'm talk'n bout stuff I ain't never in a lifetime gonna use again. Stuff that has no use in a motorhome. Stuff that is broke or slap wore out. Stuff that has been replaced with "shiny" stuff. We ate Weber grilled pizza together at 7pm. Cooked to perfection. Now if I only had a photo.

This will have to do......
Today, the weather has changed. High gust'n winds up to bout 15 mile a hour, no sunshine....in the lower 70's. I hope I can survive this treacherous weather.


  1. Big front just went through here heading your way. Get out the long johns!!

  2. Vada in Tx. Rainee is Beauifuuuuull!I think you are lucky to have such a looker for a helper...I need to catch the bug to throw stuff away.

  3. Glad you are getting the hang of you Weber.

  4. She is beautiful and what a awesome name.
    Robert sounds like the perfect son he is always to give you a helping hand with
    whatever pops in your head.