Tuesday, October 28, 2014

That black cloud....will it ever go away

Well shoot boy howdy, that dad gum black cloud is sit'n in my yard. I mentioned that sucker a couple three weeks ago, an' here it is again. Mess'n with me.

Yesterday I was gonna mention that my credit/debit card didn't work at Walmart. I figgered it was just a glitch in the Walmart system an' didn't think no more bout it. I had a few spare minutes yesterday, so's I call my card people. "Your card has been closed/cancelled". Now how the hell can I make a trip to Texas without my credit card? I ain't got enough cash just lay'n round ya know. We talk'n somewheres bout $400 in gasoline alone.

Anyhows....the credit card company tole me what happen. It seems some dude or  gang related organization hack into Home Depot steal'n credit card numbers.....something like that. The nice lady tell me a new card was issued an' sent to me on the 23rd....to Port Aransas. Ok, I'll just order my mail to be sent to Georgia. Three day wait.

But I have me some concerns. I have bout 5 things that are deducted from my card every month....automatically. Important things. Will I have to call all these places to give new card numbers??? Grrrrrrrr to some dude.

Now, this credit card issue causes me another problem. Fix'n the "billy jeep". I need funds to pay for parts. Possibly $500 depend'n on how much damage there is back there in the rear end. Repairs have been placed on hold.  

Did me a little "tug boat" work yesterday. Did my modifications on the stand. It fits sooo close to perfect. Put a strip of fiberglass down the seam of the hull so's it don't fall apart. Make it "strong like bull".

Then I break out my trusty Dremal tool. Cut an' sand off all that extra plastic. Opps....gonna have to fix that. Break out some Bondo an' fix a few gouges from the Dremal tool....it's almost ready to install the keel piece. Maybe today.

Back to the computer an' miss'n photos. It's 9 months of miss'n photos, not 7 like I said yesterday. Searches were done on the hard drive....they ain't there. Fortunately, I had backed up my photo files on a external hard drive last March....2013. Yesterday, I did another, up to date, photo file back up on the external hard drive.....we good to go. But I sure would like to have them miss'n photos back. I have a total of 7872 photos located in 144 folders. That's a lot of pics.

Well shoot, I got a pile of dishes what need some attention. Water heater red lighted on me again. I got to fix that. Floor needs sweeped an' mopped. Desktop needs cleaned off of tools an' hobby supplies. Bathroom is in dire need of a complete detail'n. Sadie Mae needs a bath....she stink just like a dog. Dang I hate housework.....an' warsh'n dogs.

Oh, did I tell a bout the cold front??? It will be here tomorrow afternoon. Low 40's at night an' low 60's day time. Yikes, it's winter in Georgia.


  1. Boat is coming along. I see the eagle is keeping guard over it. Glad you found your pictures and they were not lost.

    1. Wait Dizzy, go back an' read....I lost 9 months of photos. They are NOT found.

  2. We be there in Georgia tomorrow, just south of you at Unadilla, for a week. Gonna be 83 then get cooler, still much better than that icy frost we had back home, we will enjoy it.
    Will blow the horn and wave as we pass through your area tomorrow morning.
    Good luck with the credit card stuff.

  3. Sounds like perfect weather to me. Those credit card issues are some of the problems that I was talking about in my blog yesterday. And I get angry when I have to wait for a new card in the mail, and you're right - all the payments that should be made are bounced because your account is closed. It makes me so damn mad to think of the scum that are responsible. You'd think they could take their knowledge and expertise and get a real job that is legal and doesn't take advantage of other people.

  4. Sounds like perfect weather to me too . i had my card replaced one week after that home depot scam . my card was canceled and they sent me a other card all the way from toronto canada , the new card was in my hands 20 hours after i got off the phone with my canadian visa credit card company . i was very impressed .and yes make sure the 5 auto-pay companies are aware and they need your new card .

  5. I'm going thru the same shit myself..Home Depot too !! My card shuts off tomorrow so I've been "dumping my account" the last few days with cash withdrawals !! This is the 3rd time in 5 years to go thru this nonsense. I'm thinkin' I should just use cash in the future! Did you see where MasterCard is asking everyone to establish a second PIN number to have a secure account ( or they won't work) ?? The second PIN number is not visible to the retailer ! ( famous last words, ehhh ?? ) Waiting for our friend to forward our new card, already got the new PIN number via mail. Thank God for friends.

  6. I'll agree with all of the above, BB. We were travelling overseas, and had informed our bank to accept charges from the countries we would visit. All were ok, until somewhere along the line (I think it was a phone store in Spain) decided to use our number. Luckily we had another card with us that was the main one, and we did not know until we returned home. The bad guy tried to make reservations at 4 US chain hotels, and the bank let us know.
    Yep, change all those automatic payments or any on line folks you buy from. It can be a mess! But, at least they cancelled it and you did not get stuck with unathorized charges! Good luck...

  7. My discover card had that happen, and i had a new card the next day, and they honored all charges, put on new account.