Monday, October 27, 2014

I hate Windows 8.1

Rant for the day......Windows 8.1. Ok, all said an' done.....I hate Windows 8.1.

I've corrected, or got my computer back to the way it was, but Windows 8.1 done a gazillion upgrades without my knowledge....in the background, no options, no little "upgrade" screens. I get a email from Verizon...."you have used 90% of your monthly broadband allotment". Grrrrrrr.......this piss me off.
That has all been corrected from control panel. They gonna ask before they use up my bandwidth for upgrades from now on. 

On the brighter side, I fount most of my pictures. Now I'm talk'n a BUNCH of pictures, bout 3 years worth. All photos have been placed in one folder. Seven months of 2013 are still missing. That would be Sinton Texas camp'n.....not many pics was taken. That's no big loss. But...."what is mine, is mine", I would like to have them back.

Tug boat news. It was so beautiful outside yesterday that I went to the garage an' fire up the table saw, chop saw an' gig saw. I love my Dremal tool. Builded me a display stand for the tug boat by instructions an' templates. I modified the templates. The stand don't fit. More modification is on the agenda. I like build'n stuff, but I truely love modify'n stuff.

Other projects yesterday included clean'n up my camp site. You know, put'n stuff back where it belongs....some in the dumpster. But I did that for only ONE reason. I need my camp'n table to work on the tug boat.

Ok, I have decided I will NOT be install'n 4 110 pound each batteries in "Sally da house". It's not that I don't like the batteries an' would make my life a bit easier, it's just that I don't trust that the battery structure would hold them.Sure don't want to be go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour an' your batteries fall out into uncom'n traffic.

Ok, Robert, "yo mama" an' nephew Tim is visit'n. I got to go. Do something.

That's all I'm writ'n today....no pictures.

Hmmmmmm....today's post did not publish


  1. To make sure the things you want saved stay safe, copy them to a couple different places. You can copy them to a CD or a DVD and then put them on something else like a thumb drive. I have mine saved on both, plus a always save the chips out of my cameras.

  2. what date are your having your nerves murdered ? and how long to recover from that procedure ? what date do you think you might leave beautiful georgia ? i looked on google for the wheather in atlanta and the ten day forcast is the kinda forcast i like . that is what i call heaven .

  3. Your missing photos might be in a folder or sub-folder hidden away somewhere, Try this to find them - Every photo has a number. Make note of the photos you can find. If some are missing, there will be a gap in the numbers. Do a search on the hard drive for one of the numbers of the missing photos. If nothing comes up, search for another. This will show you where the missing photos are.

    Like Dizzy-Dick says, make a copy of your photos and store them in a safe place, maybe even off premises.

  4. Good luck with that windows stuff, gave up on that years ago, like using my Mac Book pro.

  5. Yeah , you're posting Billy Bob. We see you, and we're still here, too. No pictures today is fine, but sure hope you find your old ones...