Saturday, October 25, 2014

Billy Bob is excitis.....yee haw

Well shoot, I got out of bed way too early....for nuttin.
Did my daily morn'n routine an' here it is a hour later. How bout them apples?

Ya see, the reason I got out of bed so early this morn'n was to call the computer repair guy. Maybe go pick up my wonderful computer. He, the nice guy, don't got MY phone number to call me when it's ready. He has Roberts. An' my wonderful son Robert went to the hunt'n camp....or so I been informed. An' as I understand, there is no cell signal there.
Anyhows, my computer is no biggie as long as I have Roberts computer sit'n in front of me. Shoot, it does the same thing mine does.

Excitis???? Is the old Billy Bob excitis? You betcha he is. Ya see, I was sit'n here yesterday, all comfortable an' stuff, an' here come "yo mama" carry'n a big ol' box that was delivered. Yeee haa, my tug boat has arrived.

Now, you know what this means don't ya? You gonna be watch'n the construction of a dad gum tug boat for the next year. Bookmark my page so's ya don't miss nuttin.

But, as much as I would like to begin construction, I have a Henry rifle lay'n in parts on my desktop. I got to attempt to reblue the barrel an' that bullet holder thingy under the barrel. A long tube what hols bout 16 .22 long rifle bullets. Well....I read the instructions for a change. I usually don't do that. As a test of my blue'n abilities, I started with the "tube" thingy. A hour or so later I'm think'n...."my god, that thing looks factory perfect". But then, my eyes ain't like they used to be. The barrel is next. An' it better come out as good as that tube thingy. Then I got to put all that stuff back together. Oil 'er up an hang it back on the wall.

Ha, I just call the computer place (9:30am). Be ready in a hour....so they say. I'll wait 2 or 3 before I make that long trip (25 mile). You know how a hour works at a repair place....it ain't never ready.

Now, while I'm out to pick up that computer, there are a hunnert places I can stop an' buy some much needed "stuff" for the construction of a model tug boat. You know, super glue, sand paper, clamps, fiberglass resin, Bondo....stuff like that. Hmmmmm....does that sound like Walmart an' Home Depot?
By the way....it's 60 degs outside an' got down to 44 last night. With one electric heater run'n on low to keep the inside temp in the lower 50's at night, an' then fire up the Mr Heater in the morn'n to break the chill, you cain't beat that with a stik. Ya don't need a ton of heat when ya got a ton of covers on the bed. By removing the propane furnace from "Sally da house", I save 40% on propane costs. On each fill up, 23 gallons average, I save something like $25....an' some change. Plus the savings by not run'n the Mr Heater at night. Shoot, that gas money.

Speak'n of gas money, I been Google RV parks in Aransas Pass, Texas. If'n I end up in that area, it gonna cost me right at $275 to $325 a month plus electric. Winter electric use averages somewheres between $60 all the ways up to $125, depend'n on how cold it gets an' how many electric heaters I use. My current set up, 2 is the limit. Shoot, that's over 10,000 btu's. More than enough to stay moderately comfortable in a motorhome.....in south Texas.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I got my 36 Mirado pencils. That should last me at least another 5 or 8 years. Now I can throw these 2 inch ones I been us'n in the dumpster.

Shoot, I guess that bout it for today. Pain levels still hold'n in the 3 to 4 or 5 range. I can live with that.
See ya laters.


  1. You sound great this morning! Hope the feeling lasts for a long time.

  2. Red neck rv park http://finandfeather.justgofishin.com/

  3. You feeling much better now and thats good, south Texas be perfect for the winter months for you. Keep that nice Georgia weather for another week or so, we want to enjoy some of it too.

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  5. Did I miss a post? What happened to El Rancho Abraham where you put in electric service?

  6. Just like a kid on Christmas morning. Happy for your excitement. Carry on!