Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well shoot......too late in the day.

Holy cows, today has been a hectic day so far.....but it's look'n better this afternoon.

To start off my day, I sleeped in till 9:30 this morn'n. Don't rekon I need to say no more bout that. I'm think'n I was need'n me some extra sleep after the two nights before.

The keel has been added an' I want you lookie here, we have a perfectly smooth sanded wooden deck. Ready for stain an' maybe some polyurethane to protect it from water.....in case the boat sinks.
Speak'n of sink'n, the Lackawanna was built in 1901 an' in 1915, while tow'n 3 coal barges, had a smack up collision with another barge. Glug glug glug, down she went. To the junk yard she went.

Well shoot....company drop by....too late to post my wonderful day now.
See ya tomorrow.


  1. If you had a wonderful day, that's great to hear. Maybe you'll tell us about it tomorrow?

  2. I enjoy company ...if only they would come by. Everyone I know is so tied up in their lives anymore. The older I get the faster the days fly by. Need to start some projects myself, I say but when do I find the time or motivation. Horrible being so alone. Then now the cold, huddling state has arrived. Snow tomorrow? I don't want to believe this. I too hate cold and being miserable. Ha, right now you have it made in WARM Georgia in comparison.

  3. You keeping busy no time to blog, no problem.