Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy happy Update......Not much go'n on......yet

Ok....it works. Well, it don't work perfectly, but it works. Advil.

I didn't want to mention it, but I'm gonna cancel my CT scan for next month. I'm run'n out of time an' ain't gonna waste no more of my precious time on doctor appointment an' tests. I'm done with doctors.

Well shoot, it looks like the old Billy Bob is the one that's gonna be crawl'n up under "da house" put'n that stuff back together. The weather is beautiful an' it needs to be done NOW.....not after the first freeze. I've been abandoned. My helper son has done flew the coop.

Boy howdy, I got "yo mama" clean'n up a storm. An' I didn't even ask her. She do'n it on her own.....say's she's broke. My god....how much this gonna cost me???  I really don't care.....clean them winders "yo mama".

Speak'n of clean'n, detail clean'n, this is the first time in almost 2 years when I fired my last clean'n lady. Cut'n corners don't cut it. When I says clean, I mean clean, not half ass. As ya know, detail clean'n ain't nuttin like every day "wipe it off an' say, what the hell, good enough". That what the old Billy Bob do. Shoot, a little dust, dirt an' grime ain't never hurt nobody. A house should look like somebody lives in it.

Ok, I was gonna post a hunnert pics of the old Billy Bob this morn'n, but it would take me hours to find that many. So's I'll just post one, one of my better pics. Enjoy!!!

Bad hair day......

I have nuttin excit'n to say today....soooo, I'm gonna git off my ass. Climb up under "da house"? Well hell, why not. 71 degs out there.

Ha, an' you people was think'n the old Billy Bob was gonna sit on his ass all day long....WRONG.
First thing I done was break out some tools. Climbed up under "da house" an' I installed the repaired actuator part. Come back out from under there an' I take me a little break....sip up some coffee an' pat myself on the back a couple three times.

Now the system has to be flushed of the 10 year old tranny fluid. I cuts an' hook up a piece of old water hose, just the right size an' length. A empty milk carton is used to to catch the fluid when it come fly'n out that hose. The pressure pump reservoir is filled with transmission fluid. Turn the key on, place tranny in nuetral, an' the pump go "whiiiirrrr".....pump'n fluid. A quart is pumped through the system.....we good to go.
Then I climbs back under there an' hook up the hose fitt'n thingy an' I'm ready to test the pump. Fill the reservoir again, turn the key on an' put 'er in neutral. Pump come on with a different "whiiiirrr" sound. Pumps up to 1600 pound of pressure an' shut off.....just like it suppose to do. I just saved right at close to $1200 for a new pump assembly.

Now, bout drop'n the driveline an' inspect'n an' adjust'n the emergency brake shoes....this will be another day.   


  1. Hard to tell if that is
    BB or DD under that hair.

  2. I think you look much more handsome with the hair and beard trimmed up.

    Did they have a particular reason to do a CT scan or are they just looking for stuff to fix? At our ages they love to run tests because they usually can find something that needs fixin', and that means $$ to them. I'm quitting all tests too.

    1. Well shoot Gypsy, at my/our age, handsome don't mean nuttin. *look'n in the mirrer think'n she may be right*
      CT scan of lungs look'n for cancer. The mid November scheduling for the CT an' later see'n the doctor is my reasoning. I want to be out of Georgia as soon as possible. Cancer scan can wait.

    2. When I "interviewed" a new doctor today I told him I don't want a bunch of tests. Specifically no tests looking for cancer, because I won't ever get chemo or radiation treatments, so I don't want to know if I ever get cancer.

      At your age handsome still means something to us old girls who get a little quiver looking at a handsome man. (and with our eyesight, most of you old guys are handsome!)

  3. Advil is my drug of choice too, it just seems to do the job when needed.
    Loving those temps hope to enjoy some there about this time next week in Unadilla GA.

  4. Great picture, I would recognize you anywhere.😉

  5. i sure love to hear that a few hours on the ground can save you $1200 s just like that . that's what i would call a very good day . it got all the way down to 70 degrees F last night brrrrrrrrrrrr it's getting to cold , lucky i have my electric included in the rent . it made it all the way up to 84 degrees F today. yes winter is fast coming halloween in 10 more days . snow birds are now comming by the thousands daily. so how many more things are left on your to do list now B.B. ? it's nice to here that your feeling good enough to be thinking of escaping georgia .

  6. Love that pic Billy Bob! I am with you, I am DONE with docs and careening around in my own rolling hospice! I quit letting those blood suckers drain me of my life and now I have more time and less stress.