Friday, October 3, 2014

Another productive "fix it" day

Well shoot, I'm gonna jump in here with both feet an' write something this morn'n. Like I do every morn'n, it will be nothing of interest. But, it's something to read.

So what did I do yesterday? Well you didn't think I was gonna sit here an' leave that part at the auto parts store did ya? Me an' Sadie Mae went up there an' we pick that sucker up. Little ol' box with a hunnert an' some dollars ($147) worth of stuff in it. I throwed it in the floorboard on Sadie Mae's side. In my mind, I'm think'n son Billy said he was gonna come visit again this weekend. This would be a perfect job for Billy....spend a couple hours chang'n out the a/c clutch.

I got back to "da house", sit down outside in my "sit down outside" chair.....sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n. "I need to check the thermostat on the "billy jeep", check to see if'n it's leak'n". It weren't. But, while I was under the hood, that dad gum broke a/c clutch was star'n me in the face....say'n "change me". Well shoot, I can do that.

It don't come apart anywheres as easy as you might think. I had to "modify" some tools to get that sucker off. After many "sit downs", a few cuss'n words, all them parts are lay'n on the ground. Ain't nuttin busted. Two snap rings give me the fits. All new parts are installed in record time....bout 3 freak'n hours. Ok, here's where experience come into play. When I turn that a/c on, the clutch don't engage to make cold air. Now a regular ol' backyard mechanic would take it all apart again or  he would call his auto a/c mechanic friend for advice. Billy Bob don't do stuff that way. He grab holt to a hammer an' swak that clutch. It kicks in just like a brand spank'n new one. It's not know'n HOW to swak a clutch, it's know'n WHERE to swak a clutch. I close the hood. I ain't got no water leak an' I got a a/c what blows cold air.

I just check the USPS track'n place. The actuator is in Portland Oregon. I'm think'n a week I'll be reinstall'n that sucker back up under "Sally da house".

While the computer is still on, I paid my insurance on "da house". My god, they went up again.

Ok, have ya ever been fight'n one pain an' ya get another one. I got me a freak'n tooth that is kill'n me. This is the tooth I tole that dad gum dentist to pull out last year. He pulled the one under it, so there is absolutely no use for this tooth. It just sits there "do'n nuttin". I can wiggle it, it has a infection under it an' I ain't got no antibiotics. An' this ain't been the first time this happen....dad gum dentist. Now I know this ain't the correct procedure, but I took me a toothpick, insert it at the end that tooth....an' push it in. Blood comes out. The pressure is relieved. Oh my god, that feels good. Insert mouthwash an' I'm good to go for a few hours.

I bet ya ain't been keep'n track of the weather. My god, winter will be here tomorrow or the next day. They talk'n lows in the 40's. For a freak'n week.

I was sit'n here last night. My back weren't hurt'n too bad an' I got to think'n bout swak'n some golf balls across the street. Ain't nuttin over there but woods, so I ain't gonna be hit'n no houses. An' if'n there ain't no cars in the street, I won't be hit'n no cars. It's still just a thought this morn'n, but I may just go out there in the yard an' "do it".

Ok, gotta see what I can get into today. Something productive I hope.



  1. Billy Bob why do you continue to get under "Billy Jeep" when your son was going to help you this weekend? You can hurt yourself again!

    Got a flooded car what is your advice? Kidding....:)

    I would kill for the temperatures you are going to get. It is in the 90's here and no sign of fall yet :(.

  2. Slowly getting more things all fixed up, sounds good.