Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hobby time

That photo up there on the top was when I first bought "that jeep". It still had the 4" lift kit on it an' great big ol' humongous tires. This was before I figger out it was a POS.
On the beach in Port Aransas, Texas with my two companions Lug Nut an' Sadie Mae.

Ha....I did some research on pencils. These Mirado Black Warrior pencils ain't necessarily the "best pencils in the world"....like I was think'n they was. I was just accustomed of us'n POS junk pencils all my life an' I come across one that was much better.

Robert gived me a pencil the other day. It's a carpenters pencil. Comes in a 15 pack sold by Lowes. That's the lumber sell'n place ya know. This pencil writes just like the above mentioned pencil. Only thing is, it ain't a shiny black pencil.....an' that does make a difference. Yellow an' octagon has no place in my life. 
Ha ha, you didn't think I would write bout pencils did ya? Well...actually, pencils are a very important part of your life if'n ya write stuff down an' draw stuff.


I have sleep issues. I watch the clock very closely ever even'n wait'n for 1am to roll around. That is my usual bed time since I've been in Georgia. The time changes across the country means I am still go'n to bed at my usual time. An' get'n up in the morn'ns at my usual time. In my mind, I don't do the time changes. That's kind of like "jet lag" in my book. But....recently, when 1am (clock time) rolls around, I ain't a bit sleepy. So I stay up for another hour or two....or three. Sleep my 6 hours, or 7, an' start a brand spank'n new day. 


Brand spank'n new days suck. It takes me no less than two hours ever morn'n to get this old body loose enough to move around. Damn hip. On top of that, I been sit'n when I should be walk'n. I am weak. It's a chore to walk. So I sit back down. See what I'm talk'n bout? Now I remember a time, not too far in the past, I said I would never do what I'm do'n now. I would walk, move around, keep my muscles in tune. Ha, you should see me do that today. I ain't in too good a shape. An' I frick'n hurt.

The "fix it" list has only bout three items left on it. All very important. Now I have a new one to add to the list. Something is terribly wrong with my solar power. An' somebody has got to climb up there on the roof. The sun is shin'n good an' bright....my charge is only 3.5 amps. It should be close to 14 amps with two "high dollar" solar panels. The battery voltage is 12.9 volts. It should be 14.4 volts. I'm think'n something ain't right.
OOOPS...dad gum cloud just roll in. Will get back to this later.

Me an' Robert was talk'n the other day. He says to me...."daddy, ya need to do something, build something". See, he don't like to see me sit'n on my ass all day neither. Well, I been think'n every angle on build'n something. "Sally da house" don't need no new stuff built, but dad gum it, I need to do something with my hands. A hobby.

I been think'n for some time bout build'n me another boat. A remote control boat. You remember the Mississippi river boat I built....right? That took a freak'n year....plus some. An' it still could use some more "build'n" to complete it. It sits on the wall.

Of course you remember the airplane I builded back in '04.....an' ain't never flew it. It sleeps in a compartment below. My god, that was 10 years ago.

 I like tug boats. I like sailboats too. But where the hell can ya put a sailboat in a motorhome? The mast is bout 4 feets tall. Put'n it in the bedroom is out, even though there is room back there now that I cleaned it. Nobody would ever see it....'cept'n for me when I go to bed. So I'm think'n a sailboat is out. But that tug boat, I got plenty room for one them. Right over there on top that other cabinet in the liv'nroom.
Something like this.
More on this after I do some Google. I sure as hell don't want to take up knit'n or nuttin like that.

Oh wait, do ya remember when I builded a sand yacht?
 This thing would go a hunnert mile a hour (30).

So there ya have it, Billy Bob has got to build something.


  1. I like the jeep on the beach with the dogs picture! The only thing missing is the fishing poles...
    Looking for a hobby, something remote controlled? I just looked at this...
    http://hackaday.com/2014/10/06/quadrotor-pod-racing/ That looked like fun until you hit a tree!

    1. This fits into the category I've been think'n for years....helicopters. But, if it doesn't look like a helicopter, I don't want it. Hmmmmmm.....I could take some fantastic pics with one of these.

    2. They have little electric helos made for flying indoors, not real spendy either.