Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Short short.....

In order for me to write a blog post, I have to first decide on a direction. In order to do that, I need a Walmart special notebook and a PENCIL. Ha ha ha LOLOLOLOL... not really. I'm just wanted to poke a pencil at ya again this morn'n.

Actually, I was think'n that yesterdays "pencil post" would bring some of the artists out of the closet. I used to be a artist, but that was a long time ago. Pencil art drawings an' acrylic paint on canvas. Sold one canvas at a flea market for $3 (spice).

That tug boat I showed ya yesterday. I sure do like that one. But the damn thing is too long...39 1/2 inches. An' I ain't got no 39 1/2 inches to spare.....27 or 28 is the max. Still look'n. 

In case you're wonder'n, this new chair is still comfortable. But it ain't gonna fix nuttin. Just makes it a bit more bearable. Six more days to appointment. I ain't one bit excitis bout what they gonna do. In my book, temporary means exactly what it says.....TEMPORARY. An' temporary don't last very long.

When I was in the business, I used to make temporary repairs while wait'n on parts. Not all temporary repairs do what they supposed to do. Some work, some don't. That's what these dad gum doctors have planned for me.....but they ain't got no parts ordered.

But, there is another procedure called a laminotomy. It's done by laser through a tube bout the size a Magic Marker. Take out all that stuff they was gonna do with the laminectomy.
Well shoot, got myself look'n at other minimally invasive back procedures for the last hour. Dang....choices. 

 Ok, we'll leave it at that. Will see what the doc say on the 14th. I would rather he ordered me up some parts than to do a botched up temporary repair. Shoot, I don't trust doctors. Bunch of rookies......Grrrrrrrrrr.

Last night was just like all them other nights....to bed at 3:30am. Then at 6:30, I waked up to one of them dad gum cough'n fits. Lasted almost a hour. "Gimme a light"!!! My god, I need some sleep.


  1. I missed a post somewheres. Laminectomy or laminotomy - it's getting so you can talk just like a doctor!

  2. You got time on you hands and lets hope something happens to take that pain away.

  3. You just never know. A friend had a cortisone shot in his spine for some "temporary" relief and his back quit hurting. That was thirty years ago. You just never know.

  4. Your lungs telling you something?....like quit smoking? Easy to do; buy you some "Big Red" cinnamon chewing gum and chew during the day of cravings. Drink 5 or more cups of tea with honey and cinnamon. Look up benefits of cinnamon on google; it's an inhibitor. Did the trick for me after 25 years of constant (and loving it) smoking. You are a slave to the smokes, plain and simple. Let's see if you have it in you to try something that might help you.