Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Oh my God, Billy Bob ain't dead"

Ha, today I have absolutely nuttin I want to do....although there is a hunnert things what need done. But...I ain't gonna do 'em. Do ya know how long it would take me to do a hunnert things???

Yesterday I went to the doctor. The stomach doctor. It was as I had expected, she prescribed me a new medicine for the erosion's in my stomach an' tells me "don't take no more them laxative pills". That was it. Oh wait, my hoarse voice, she say that happens sometimes from a endoscopy. She ain't gonna do nuttin bout it an' she caused it. "Gargle" she tell me...with salt water. Damn, that would mean a trip to south Texas an' the Gulf of Mexico. An' no guarantee salt water will fix it.

Then me an' "yo mama" heads off to a K-Mart what is closing. Everthing is discounted either 10 or 20%. Sounds good don't it? Well that was a lie. The workers was tak'n the K-Mart price tags off'n everthing...what is 30 to 40% lower than suggested price. Then ya get yourself a 10 to 20% discount off'n suggested price. An' people was com'n out of there with buggies full of discounted stuff. I'm think'n common core math is involved. I bought nuttin.

While trasp'n through the store look'n at the wounderful discounted prices, my freak'n hip went out. I almost go to the floor....thank ya K-Mart buggy....my walker. Then when I get to the truck, I cain't raise my right leg to get in. A nice guy help me. Ha ha, then I wait for a hour for "yo mama" to finish her shop'n.

We pick up some Whoppers an' fries an' head back home. Whopper an' fries make me sick....'my God, that never happen before. Oh wait, yes it did. Back in Deming. in 2008, me Sadie Mae an' Lug Nut head off to the mountains to do a little gold prospect'n. Ha, that was a waisted trip, I find nuttin. Back in Deming I stop at What-a-Burger and get me a double meat Whopper an' large fries. Boy howdy was I ever full. Then the pains started...."I eat too much". But that weren't the case. I was hav'n me a heart attack an' didn't know it. "Pesky neighbor" Wayne take me to the hospital at 9:30pm. Nurse tell me that 500mg aspirin probly save my life. The rest the story you already know...triple bypass. It's been all downhill ever since.

Has it been cold. Well yeah it's been cold....but I'm surviv'n it just fine. It's nice an' warm in "da house". Low temps have been in the lower 20's to lower 30's. Day time temps anywheres from upper 30's a couple days to upper 50's other days. Ain't nuttin wrong with that...as long as I'm not outside.

For 2 critters what don't get along, they look pretty comfortable in this pic.

In other news...."billy jeep" may have to go to the Jeep doctor for test'n. I went out an' crank it up an' everthing sound perfect. That is for bout 5 minutes. Then the damn thing go ape shit....won't go past 2500 rpm.....rrrrrrrm, rmmmm, rmmmm...that all it do. Turn key off an' restart...everything sound perfect. Something ain't right.

Ok, that's it for this post. Ain't a thing go'n on to write about....see ya laters.


  1. Thanks for the update Billy Bob, glad to hear you still keep busy and warm enough.

  2. Good to hear from you. Them two critters have decided on a armed truce since they have to share you.

  3. I love the picture of your cat and dog. Maybe you have only one pillow and that is why they have to share it? (grin)

  4. Staying warm. More than good. Not dead? That's really,really good!. Bundle up, I saw headline "Winter Storm" coming - I wish not. Tired of hibernation. Flocks of robins = Spring. Not anymore; they are here in abundance, real busy looking for worms in snow - our topsy-turvy world!

    1. Nice to know you're "not dead" and still as onery as ever, Billy Bob.
      Still can't comment on my own, so just replying to byGeorge ~

  5. I can't go anywhere that doesn't have an electric cart, even leaning on a buggy won't work with me. Well, just for a few minutes. I figure how many times i'm gonna have to get back into my car, to go anywhere, That's my problem too, leg don't want to lift.