Friday, April 29, 2016

Still alive....an' kick'n

When ya climb that last mountain, an' your bucket list is now empty, there are no more mountains to climb. When I reached the peak of that mountain I had forfilled my last dream. I reached inside my bucket an' the damn thing was empty. "What ya gonna do now Billy Bob"?

That last mountain was a few years back, something like bout 5 years when I left Deming, NM for the last time. All that was left was to just ride around an' look at things, stay in one spot for extended stays...dread the thought of "on the road again". After 13 years I'm think'n I did a pretty good job.

But....as I began to desend from that last mountain top, I took a few falls. Each fall bringed on another fall until I said to hell with it....if'n I make it to the bottom in one piece, I've had a good life.

Ok, that water leak in the heater core of the "billy jeep" is fixed. Well not really fixed, but temporally fixed. I put a jug of radiator stop leak in that sucker (Bars leak). That should hold me for bout a year if'n I don't drive it over 5 mile a week. Speak'n of driv'n it, I ain't drive it a good 6 months. There is still a "code" in the computer an' it gonna cost bout $500 to fix it. I ain't bout to walk home if'n that sucker dies out on the road somewheres. Like Walmart or something like that.
Ha ha
Oh, did I mention bout the a/c in the "billy jeep"? Grrrrrrr....that sucker ain't got the first ounce of refrigerant in the system. A leak. I'm a a/c guy so I gonna throw my guages on that thing, put in a can of freon, inject some ultraviolet leak indicator in there an' fire it up for a bit. Probly 2 cans of freon so's the low pressure switch will kick in.....think'n $$$$. Then break out my uv light thingy an' see where the leak is at. Then fix that sucker.

I mentioned before that the SI nerve kill'n did a wonderful job on the hip pains. Then while I was fix'n up the couch, mov'n the destop an' bring'n the couch back in "da house", my back an' hip began to hurt again. I goes to the doctor an' he inject some stuff in F3, F4 an' F5. Last bout 2 weeks. Yesterday I goes to the doc again, an' he inject somemore that stuff in there. Supposed to last bout 6 to 8 months. Then he says come back in 2 weeks, we gonna inject some on the left side where a new pain showed up. *think bout fall'n down that mountain*. This morn'n I don't feel much pains.

I've pretty much made the decision to apply for residency in Georgia. As much as I hate the idea. I was look'n at their rules an' holy crap, I got to get a lot of stuff together. As hard as I try, I got to have a birth certificate to prove that I am a living US citizen an' not a illegal. That's for driver license. Shoot, illegals get driver licenses with NO papers at all. Good ol' US of A......yeeeee haa!!!

Anyhows, I got on the internet night for last an' order my birth thingy. It will be here this afternoon. Now that's what I call super faaaast for a government agency. Last time I had to get my birth thingy, it took over two weeks to get it. Now all I got to do is listen for the UPS guy to show up. "Sadie Mae, bark when he get here". Ha ha, just check UPS tracking....it's on the truck for delivery.

There ain't really been no good news to post bout the old Billy Bob. It's just been a "sit on yer ass" couple weeks here. I cancelled my hernia surgery cause I don't like needles an' stuff. The hernia don't bother me at all an' the doc said it was OK to wait. Ha, how freak'n long is it OK to wait?

Ok, I'm gonna go sit outside an' sip me up a cup....do some think'n. See ya all laters.


  1. Glad to hear you still alive and kick'n.
    Think Georgia residency would be a good idea, seeing as you have some family around that can help ya if needed.
    Good luck.

    1. Having to use the reply space here, wont let me do anything else. Yeah, tough to have to live in GA, since TX is so much better,,, lol. Move the family here?,,,
      But it is good to have family nearby. Make the best of it.

  2. Texas Ann (Hermit's Baby Sis)April 29, 2016 at 9:08 AM

    As a Native Texan, I hate to see you give up on HOME, Billy Bob, but I do understand. As for putting off the hernia surgery - from what I've heard from a couple of friends who have had it, you'll know when it's time - without a doubt.
    I think some more BB stories should be on your new bucket list - we can't possibly have heard all of them! Give it a thought .. until then, it's always good to hear from you.

  3. hmmmm now this space is here,,, strange.

  4. hi BB. it is nice to know that you are still kickin . i looked in your bucket and it still had a 5 or 10 acre heavily treed plot of land bordering a big lake or big river to build a big old house shelter for sally and a nice dock to fish from . i am also very sorry and sad to hear that you are ready to give up your true home land (texas) where your true heart and sole lives . us true legal usa , texans citizens will miss your dearly . take care billy bob .

  5. I relate to having emptied the bucket. I'm not in a hurry to die but I've decided I'm not going to fight it when the time comes. An online friend said, maybe in jest, he had his chest tattooed "Do not resuscitate. Drug me and unplug me." I really like that second line.

  6. Good to hear you are still kickin', Billy Bob. I know you'll do just fine in Georgia. I hope you'll reach back and tell us a tale or two, I don't care if it is a repeat, my memory doesn't go back very far. Ha. Our bucket isn't empty yet and we are heading to Alaska next month. Wishing you the best. Max.

  7. Hey BB...a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. As much as I don't like the big city, I can't think of calling anyplace but Texas home, ya know?

    Good luck on the health stuff!

  8. " Ha, how freak'n long is it OK to wait?" If pain begins, then time to quit waiting ...you'll know. I've dealt with abdominal hernias for 52 years. But I Don't want anymore surgery! Hahahaha, that's why I breathe carefully, very carefully.

  9. The world is in a turmoil, people are out of work.......and, you are crying like a baby whether that flat land in Texas,without anyone,is better....or, Georgia - where your kinfolk can help when needed. Get a grip.

  10. All right, Billy Bob. It's been way too long since we heard from you!! You were gonna do some "thinkin'". Enough already!!