Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tuesday 8-19
Pulled out of Uvalde about 9am cook'n towards San Antonio. Nothing to talk about on the way there other than a little warm. Shot right on through San Antonio as I was on a freak'n mission. Was going to stop at R/V repair shop, but decided to just find the freak'n part and crawl under there and do it myself when I get to Port A.
Dogs had to pee in Flour Bluff, so's I pulled into HEB parking lot. Then Sally refused to go. Had to add some fluid to the leaking emergency brake, which I didn't have any. Walmart only a short walk.
Pulled into Port A only to find the place had been flooded. All the beach access roads were filled with water, so Sally didn't go to the beach. Afternoon coffee at Island Cafe. Good to see someone I know. $11.00 for a chef salad and coffee. Be eat'n home.
Slept the night at computer center. Not one cop banged on my door all night long. Not like Port A cops to let someone sleep. Got e-mail caught up and posted a couple to the groups.

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  1. Seeing all these movies where retired people buy an RV and travel in it, thats what i want my future to look like! Listening to your adventures also gives me the same feeling!