Saturday, October 2, 2010

Solar cook'n

This morning was just  like most others. I woke up.

Let me tell ya bout some leg cramps. Ya already know what I gonna say, but gonna tell ya anyhows. Yep, yesterday was a golf ball swak'n day. I hit that ball so hard I still ain't found it yet. Lost three them suckers before I started play'n in the fareway...but that didn't help much either. Was wore slap out by the 15th hole. Hope it ain't time for me to hang up the clubs and find something else to do.....like knitting.

Had my first leg cramp weren't bout 30 minutes after I layed down....wasn't even asleep yet. Worst one I had was when I were all wrap up in my blanket and had to jump out of bed....you know, like right now, blanket and all. Couldn't get both feet untangled so's I was jump'n up and down shout'n obsenities. Weren't a good night at old Billy Bobs house. And do you think Sadie Mae would offer me a hand get'n out them blankets...well hell no, she just layed there with that look on her face....like "what the hell wrong with you"? Dogs just don't understand.

Put the solar oven back together yesterday and set it out in the sun for a test drive. Hmmmmm, not bad, not bad at all....300 degs. I can cook something in there. Well at 10am this morning, I lit it off again...pionted at the morning sun silly, not a fire. By 11am that sucker was 330 plus degs...wow boy howdy...that hot. So I throwed some them can biscuits in there. In nuttin flat, they was done. Nuttin flat in a solar over is something like 45 minutes.
See all the shiny stuff I put on the reflectors.....purty huh?
Now let me tell ya what I ate these beautiful biscuits with. A Billy Bob top secret recipe of butter, peanut butter, strawberry preserves and molasses. Boy howdy, that were good.

Ok, that's it. Gonna go out there on "da porch" and see if I can clean up some the mess I made in the last few days. I know it ain't gonna happen, but it sure sounds good. Porches were invented for sip'n a cup and think'n....not a freak'n all purpose fix it shop.


  1. good job on the oven, where did those diamond pannels go? you know, the ones that you made

  2. ibuprofen just before bed time helps prevent leg cramps for me. I am ready for more battery learning.

  3. That new oven looks half the size of the ole one .. Good deal!!!

    Now, about your leg cramps.. YOUR PREGANT!!!! LOL LOL LOL, just teasing..
    But here is some of the simple causes.

    * Getting too much exercise or overusing the muscles. ( that ain't it )
    * Standing on concrete for a long time, sitting for a long time, or putting your legs in awkward positions while you sleep.
    ( there you go,, sitting in that crazy position you do all day long)
    * Not having enough potassium, calcium, and other minerals in your blood.

    ( eat more dirt? )
    * Being dehydrated, which means your body has lost too much fluid.

    ( simple, drink water, I know you don't drink any!! )
    * Taking certain medicines, such as antipsychotics, birth control pills, diuretics, statins, and steroids.

    ( don't know what drugs you on,but I'd quit the conciane if it were me. :-) )
    * Having flat feet.( umm,,never looked at your feet, and not going too)
    * Having thyroid disease.

    ( hell,just have that taken out.. don't need it )

  4. I get leg cramps from an old back injury. I found a product called "LEG CRAMPS wirh Quinine". Works for me.

    Since I don't drink alcohol, I just drink the tonic water. It has quinine in it, too.

  5. A couple more things. Biscuits look good. Be right over.

    The Leg Cramp pills I was telling you about can be purchased at Wal-Mart and the maker is Hyland's.

  6. Ya know, muscles are things of habit. If'n you sit on the porch sippin for a bunch of days, then expect them to carry you around the swak'n course with out protest, at our age, it ain't gonna happen. Ya gots to use them at least two out of every three days or so, other wise they gonna make you pay!!

  7. I'm thinking you just got told to drink water, stop taking those birth control pills, and play gold 2 out of every 3 days. That should do the trick.

    How's the chest pain? Did it go away, or are you just distracted by the leg cramps?

  8. errr, that's play golf 2 out of every 3 days...

  9. Boy howdy, I should get leg cramps more often....look all the comments.

    Like Dizzy, my leg cramps come from back injurys....and of course think'n too much out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup. I can ease it up with a big fat 500 mg. aspirin, but then it's a toss up with stomach ulcers of a few leg cramps. Usually only get them for swak'n that golf ball too hard....you know..."power swing".

    Chest pains are all gone jist like I said...too much hula hoe'n.

    No Ben...same solar oven. Just recovered the old reflectors with some super slick mirror finish stuff. Chrome Monocoat covering like ya use on model airplanes.

    Nick....the diamond plate reflectors are still on the oven. What ever ya do when ya build a solar oven, don't use mirror finish diamond plate. Them little diamond thingys sent the solar heat rays off in all kind of different directions. It gotta be flat.

  10. Was going to ask about your chest pains but Shadowmoss beat me to it. Glad it was only the over exertion with the hulla hoe.

    Finally found a hulla hoe at Sutherlands but it looked kind of small. How big is yours?

  11. MsB....I only know of one size hula hoe...it's about 6 inches wide at the cutting end. After a little practice, you will find it very easy to operate. Now if you have great BIG weeds....like little trees, you gonna need something like a chain saw or a front end loader...or a heavy duty hoe what you can whack the weeds down at ground level.
    Salt is working pretty good for me so far. Some weeds pop up but die in a couple days. Have one pesky charactor what keep on grow'n. I'm gonna put another 3 bags before I head for my trip to the slabs.

  12. Hey BB, how are the old legs by now? Suppose you have been taking it easy today. I am still cutting on my yard. That's what I get for fixing the mower. Should have got a flock of goats.

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