Saturday, February 12, 2011

New day....hot

Boy howdy let me tell ya.......it's hot out there. And that where I been all day all day. Work'n on stuff.

Ya see, it's like this....I was plan'n on a laid back day of "do'n nuttin" but all hell broke loose. My batteries were almost dead. I think I mentioned something bout the batteries and solar system needed a look see and that what I been do'n all day. Went up on the roof and raised the solar panels up in the suns rays....think'n that may be why the batteries were low.

Maybe I need to explain myself before I get into details. Ya see, I went to town last week in "Sally da house"....a few days ago for water, propane and gasoline. Before I left to town, I had lowered the solar panels. Everything was work'n just fine. But then after I come back home I started noticing the batteries were going down during the night. What the hell, that never happen before. So that's been the project for the day.....find out why.

Cleaned all the battery connections whether they needed it or not. That fixed nuttin. So it must be the solar panels.....so I thought. After raising them....that fixed nuttin. So....I cranked up the Onan generator and hook up the 40 amp charger.....hmmmmmm, charg'n 35 amps. That means the batteries are low.....but why? Anyhows, I cranked the other generator and hook the 40 amp charger to that one. Gonna charge them batteries till they won't charge no more. Then......

Let me tell ya bout a golf game what went bad. Ya see, the golf course is right bout 20 mile down the road and I been there before. The guy says to me...."ya got a tee time"? I says...."well hell no, I'm Billy Bob...don't need no stink'n tee time". He says...."yeah ya do...unless your playing in the tournament tomorrow (today)". Well shoot, why didn't they call me and tell me this before I drove all that ways? Maybe next week.

Have ya ever see a boat car? I was gonna build one of these years ago but had too many other projects going.... I didn't have time.

Ain't no use tell'n ya how hot it is at the slabs, but I gonna anyhows. In the sunshine it's 92 degs. Cord'n to the weather thingy it's only 72 degs. (they lie ya know). You choose to your own liking....but it's "hot".

Well, I need a nap or something like that. Been work'n way too hard for a retired old fart. See ya laters. 


  1. Hope you isolate the problem with your batteries soon.

    I wonder if the owners of that boat car are Burners (people that go to Burningman in the Nevada desert)...

    Lol, you made me laugh with ...."well hell no, I'm Billy Bob...don't need no stink'n tee time". :D

  2. Hey.. we hope to be there in the next couple weeks. Don't be wanting no 90 degree days! Just some high 70- low 80 thank you.

    (Just putting in our order)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Thanks for coming to my Birthday Party Bill,You are a good neighbor.. Chili Bob