Friday, February 11, 2011

Use it or lose it

Boy howdy let me tell ya. That old saying "use it of lose it" sure is turning out to be true.

I been a few times sit down to make a blog post but that was as far as I got....sit down. I rekon "sit down" is something a person will never lose as long as he practices it every day. But the problem with sit'n down when ya should be stand'n up is ya just don't wanna get up no more. That could be bad for ya....ya know what I mean?

Well, old Billy Bob he been sit'n too long for the last few months....probably think'n bout what he would be doing if he was stand'n up. But then....when I get to read'n all these blog thingys, I ain't the only one "sit'n down". But then....there's the blogs where some guy is doing all the stuff I'm sit'n here think'n bout doing. Makes me so mad I just want to pack up and go where they at....do something, swak a golf ball, catch a fish, walk a mile....LOLOLOLOL....right, ride a bike....anything....get off my ass and do something. I can't blame it on the cold winter weather since I ain't seen none in sooo long.

Well old Billy Bob is get'n old. He don't do all that stuff no more. So here what I gonna do. I'm gonna brew me up a pot, go sit outside, sip a cup and do some think'n. I think I been at the "slabs" long enough to last another year. Gotta go somewhere. Do something. Stand up and walk like a man.

I just about give up on going to Yuma and catch'n a freezer full of fish. Although....I like fish and they are free for the taking. Remember all the rainbow trout I caught last year? Damn.....I think I need to go to Yuma.

In the mean time I got to check out my solar power system. Seems like since I let the panels down to the roof, I'm not making enough electricity to last me the day. Something ain't right.....but what the hell else is new? That will be my project for today.

Sure was good to see old Uncle Ben is back home from the hospital. Was get'n to worry bout that old fart. Guess I need to go visit him again and get him back on the right track. How far is Dallas from the slabs? Speak'n of Dallas, I wonder if old Dizzy still has any them big ol' bass in his pond?

Talked to old pesky neighbor Wayne a few days ago. Poor old feller is freez'n his butt off in Deming. Says it's so cold there that the golf ball swak'n place still has ice on the greens. That's not good.

Ok.....my mind is work'n up to a game of golf this morning. Should I or shouldn't I? Hmmmmmm....will let ya know what happened.


  1. http://movieclips.com/ybdz-into-the-wild-movie-sitting-on-my-butt/

    click there billy bob you got something in common with a movie I like so much

  2. Interesting that you should mention that movie Nick, it's due here from Netflex.

  3. Tonight should be the last time for freezing or near freezing down here. I am ready for a swack at Sinton or Corpus. A fresh fish in the steamer. A nice bike ride. Or even some Bibe walking.

  4. Billy Bob, of course you welcome here any time.. BUT we still cold over here. There is one kick ass golf course right up the road a bit,, got a whole bunch of holes and trees for hitting into and water in a few places.. I'll drive cart for ya, and hold your beer while you swack it off somewhers.

  5. lol Ben, I own Into The Wild and watch it at least once a month. Its really a great movie and has a few people I know from the slabs in it too.