Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UPDATE: couple more pics...."Gnome Home" progress'n little at a time.

Gonna have to try something different today. Since there were very few comments on the gnome condo, let's talk bout health issues.

First off, by freak'n back is kill'n me....an' it keeps my up most the night with dad gum "hurt'n" pains, leg cramps. backards leg cramps an' I gotta go pee. Aspirin seems to help, but it also thins my blood an' just scratch'n a skeeter bite on my arms, I get me a bruise. Seems like the bruises take a lot more time to go away than a few months ago. You would think a guy like me would wear arm protectors. Yeah I got me some, two pair, but I feel like a little sissy ever time I put 'em on. Then when I go out in public, people look at me like "who the hell beat the crap out of you"? I betcha a dollar them nasty skeeters cain't bite through arm protectors.

Breathing is get'n back to being a issue again. Not so much breathing, but shortness of breath walk'n out to the ngome house tree stump. An' bout a hunnert trips out to the shop to cut some sticks on the table saw. For all the people what been tell'n me I got to rinse my mouth after us'n them breathalyzer dohickys, I been do'n that. But mostly with coffee....an' I spits it out.

Just for Louie.....a freak'n cat.....Leonard.

Sorry but I couldn't get a pic of the "freak'n bark'n dogs", but I did get a pic of "lay freak'n dogs".

Now....back to the gnome house.
Yesterday I had to remove the add on kitchen stump from the hole I chain sawed an' chiseled for hours in the in ground stump. There's an old say'n, "ya got to build on a solid foundation". I was in such a hurry....an' all excitis bout install'n the kitchen that I plumb disregarded the old say'n. But I fix in in nuttin flat....bout 2 hours. Even put me some long screws in it to hold it in place. Screwed the roof in place an' shingled the last row. Looks good from my house.

This morn'n I made a chain saw cut for the door an' porch to fit in. Put a few screws in some loose bark that bout to hit the ground if'n I touch it. This tree stump is VERY rotten....fall'n apart. But I'll proceed the best I can. I have me a bucket full of confidence an' lots of free time.

Ok, I builded a porch framework. Cut an' chiseled the hole for the door to fit into. Yup it fits. Took right at a hour or so for a perfect fit.
Ok, I chain sawed hell out that tree stump an' now we got a straight roof.....see I tole you!!!

 Before an' after. I hold cameras crookit....out of level.

You will also notice the porch framework....what fall slap apart. Super glue don't hold too good on this kind of wood.....treated deck decking. The last 2 hours or so have been spent reglue'n with that good ol' "monkey glue" (Gorilla Glue). Damn thing better not fall apart again....I be pissed if'n it do.
Three more winders go in the front....one on each side the door an' one centered in the second story. Damn, them gnomes is gonna love their house. Think'n call'n it "Gnome Home". 

Looks like I need to do a angle change on the roof. Wonder if'n my electric chain saw will fix that.


  1. I didn't really understand what you were doing with the gnome house, but it is becoming much clearer. Thats why I didn't comment re it.Are the arm protectors used to prevent the bruises, or to keep the mosquitos from biting you?

  2. Man! That gnome house is looking good; can't wait until it is finished.

    Sorry to read the health is headed south again. Doesn't seem fair to have to wait to get a doctor's appointment.

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  4. With your back problems , isn't it bad to be working so low down there in Gnome-land. Makes ME hurt seeing those tools on the ground. Once down I look like a circus act getting back on my feet. Ha Ha. Take it easier BB. Leonard is one fine looking cat! Yes, that doghouse looks perfect for THOSE big dogs. Mine are all Itsy Bitsys needing one little bungalow. The little sheetz keep me awake all night romping & yapping. Heathen young'ins!

  5. Nice to hear and see you are "excitis" about something again, Billy Bob. And that is a very nice looking gnome home. Needs a "Welcome Ghome" (g is silent) sign over the door or maybe a door mat...

  6. hi BB. i love to see those great big dogs enjoying your hard work on there dog house , those dogs must eat a lot . a lot more than sadie-may and that d_m cat of yours . thanks for all the pictures . you ghome house is looking real nice so far and it must be 10 times harder to do all that with extreme back pain . do you have an appointment to the nerve pain killing doctor yet ? i sure hope you do . in the 2cd picture i noticed the white canopy that your good granson tim put up over the ghome project site. keep up the good work BB. and get your back pain taken away asap ,ok take care .

  7. You never cease to amaze, Billy Bob! The creativity and the workmanship is fantastic. Seems like you are a little kid playing with toys, That is good for you, physically and mentally. Helps take your mind off negative thoughts. Fun for me to watch, too. I am getting spoiled by the frequent posts! Keep it up! Hope your health stays bearable.

  8. It is an amazing home. You build it nice, I hope to make one too.

    -gustavo woltmann

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