Monday, March 21, 2011

Good morning America. Boy howdy do I feel like crap this morning. "Ya gotta get some sleep Billy Bob". Was 3 oclock in the morn'n when something woke me up. What the hell, it's rain'n and the wind is blow'n. Windows....the windows in "that jeep" are down. So I runs outside, half naked, to roll them up. They are electric. And the battery is dead. Grrrrrrrr, I left the key turned on. Went back inside and thought...."what ya gonna do now Billy Bob"? Well shoot....jumper cables....what I did. Back inside again, I was freez'n cold and wide awake. Do I stay up, like old Uncle Ben, or do I go back to bed?

Well it's been like 3 days since I had my tachicardia attack and all I get is an "ass chew'n" for not tak'n a pill. Well, I DO take my pills. It just so happened that I had run out, felt good, thought I could go a few days with out one....etc. etc.....

Have ya ever seen "weird" look'n people??? Boy howdy let me tell ya, ya gotta go to the "slabs" just one time in your life. It's Halloween 365 days a year. Now some of ya might say these people are just "down on their luck" and wear what they can find in the dumpsters and stuff. Well that ain't so when they can flop down $20 or $50 down on the poker table, 30 pac sit'n at their feet, 1/2 gallon hi dollar rum jug and a 5 pound bag of pot hang'n out their pocket. No, these people ain't down on their luck....this is the way they want to live. Sure wish old Billy Bob could live like that.

Got the inside of "da house" just about ready to roll. Took some do'n, but I'm ready.

By the way....did I tell ya I won play'n Texas hold'em again. Since I didn't have any special plans for saturday afternoon, I headed down to the Oasis. (that sounds like a song don't it???) Anyhows, I plopped out enough change to get a "buy in" and commenced to fee the kitty. I'm good at that not know'n what the hell I'm do'n. Then the tables turned....my way. Chips started pil'n up in front me like I was one them Wyatt Earp/Doc Holiday professional gambler fellers. After 7 grueling hours at the table, bout to pee my pants, I ended up with a whole $28 profit.


  1. I guess we need to start calling you Panhandle Slim from now on. Get your self one of those little green visors to wear. It's always great to win at cards, but if you fiqure it out your only making $4.00 an hour which may be about what your worth,or NOT.

  2. Cue the music~!~~
    Head em up!!