Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poker play'n fool

Boy howdy let me tell ya....that Billy Bob is one poker play'n fool. Them cards was a fall'n my way and I was a bet'n like I knowed what I was do'n. Didn't win much, but I WON. That what makes the difference between a "rookie" and a professional. Hee Hee Hee!!!!

Sure do want to give a great big welcome to all the new followers. Boy howdy. "Ok Billy Bob, now ya got to entertain them". Get'n close to going back to Deming where old "pesky neighbor Wayne" lives, I think I can keep a smile on your faces. You know how I pick on him quite frequently....right??? Hee hee hee....he's easy.

For all the new followers, old Billy Bob is camped out where there ain't no electricity, water and all that stuff. Boondock'n....that what it is. I have to start my generator to make coffee.....since it runs off'n electricity. As for water, a shower every couple weeks and sending the dog "Sadie" over to the neighbors to drink, water consumption is minimal.

Is it possible for an older feller to catch ADD (or what ever it's called)? Ya see, it was like this.....I got up to make a cup of coffee....right now. Went and turned the generator off and by the time I got back to here, I done forgot what I was gonna do. Sheesh, I do that a lot lately.

Last night was one of them sciatica nights. Thought my leg was gonna fall off. Little creepy crawler things run'n up and down my leg, hurt like hell, thought it was never gonna quit. Got up and lit up a smoke and all was fine after that....other than the cough. Did I tell ya how much I shrinked in the last 5 or 10 years? I used to be as tall as old fart "uncle Ben", but now I'm only 5 foots 8 inches. Well maybe not quite as tall as him, but somewheres bout 5 foots 10 inch. Hee Hee Hee! 

Ok, it look like old Billy Bob has got to get off'n his butt and get ready to pull out. That what I started the other day is get'n bigger and bigger and nuttin done. But what the heck, I got till the cows come home. I think they will be here next week right bout the time I pull out. Look'n at next thursday.

Sure wish I had some pics to post, but I ain't been tak'n none. You know how it is!!!


  1. About "ADD". if you remember forgetting something your memory must still be functioning. In my opinion, claiming you don't have a memory problem because you don't forget things means you don't remember forgetting what it was you had planned on doing becomes a problem. Apparently you remembered to turn off the generator and had coffee. All memory functions.
    Enjoy the journey.

  2. I saw ya driving off in that Damned Jeep today... first time I saw that thing run in the ten days we been here!

  3. Glad you went to WalMart today, my stock went up!!! :-)
    Thanks, stocking up to leave huh? You did remember dog food didn't you?