Thursday, March 24, 2011

Deming bound

Well shoot, here it is Thursday morning and I ain't ready to roll yet. More'n likely 'cause it's still too early. Since I only plan on driving to Gila Bend today, bout 200 mile or so, I ain't gonna leave till bout 11am.  All I got left to do is bring in the cow head and hook up "that jeep".

Had a nice farewell campfire last night with everyone present. Then the wind kicked up and I hauled to "da house".

Did I tell ya bout the guy that built one them one man airplane thingys? Well, he had it sit'n up there by the road, take off and landing strip, and fired up the engine. Sounded pretty good....till he gave it some petal to the metal. Then it sounded like an old Briggs and Straton lawm mow'n machine motor. Puff and poot'n, blow'n smoke and "pooof" it quit run'n. And this guy is gonna fly this thing??? Boy howdy, he gonna die.

Well, he finally got it all tuned out, jumped in the seat and headed for the road. BAMMM, he done hit his little Toyota van with the wing. But that didn't stop him. He whip that sucker out in the road and away he go....a hunert mile a hour. But he didn't take off. I says "Oh shit, he gonna die". Then he was airborne...."look out that tree". Made a loop at bout 200 feet high and something went wrong....he were lose'n altitude fast. I says "he gonna die". Well he didn't. Made a perfect 3 point landing.

Ok, it's time to go......in a hour or so.

Well shoot, that didn't take long. Got "that jeep hook up, lights work....ready to roll. Now what I gonna do for the next hour???

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I was gonna go on a fish'n trip...meet the guys at the lake. Got up real early, it were still dark outside, made me up a pot of coffee and started load'n up my stuff. Bout time the sun come up, I was head'n for the fish catch'n place.....go'n a hunert mile a hour. Drove for a couple hours and pull up to the camp. The other fellers say...."what took ya so long"? We start load'n gear in the old fish boat and I start look'n round. "Where the hell my fish poles and tackle box"?
The moral of this story is........ MAKE A LIST.

Update....old Billy Bob is sit'n in Gila Bend, Arizona. That's it, I ain't go'n no further today. Not that I'm tired or anything like that, I just decided this was it......just like "the plan". Now it the cops don't come along and run me off, this where I gonna be in the morning. I could'a pick a better place to park, but Sadie had'a pee.

Holy crap, you wouldn't believe how fast my internet is work'n. I must be sit'n right slap dab under a tower.


  1. That was sure enough a edge of your seat story.

    Travel Safe

  2. lol, I seen the same guy last time I was there. krazy man!

    yes make a list

  3. LOL Nick....this is the guy what wears some weird look'n kilt.

  4. Glad you got a good start. I don't like to travel much more than 250 miles a day. Makes it nice to leave late morning and still be parked before supper time.

  5. The city of Deming, New Mexico welcomes Billy Bob back.

    Deming, New Mexico Tourism Bureau

  6. I'm just glad to see you moving!!! I was plumb scared you was turning into one of those weird folks out at the Slabs you was bitching about..

  7. I bet ole billy bob wont be able to hack the heat in the summer time at the slabs not even once.