Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where's Wayne???

Boy howdy, will summer ever get here. Someone told me it was snow'n.....somewhere. Well it ain't here in Deming, but it is rather chilly.

Old Billy Bob has been busy for the last couple days. Yesterday....or was it day before, I loaded up 8 washer loads of clothes and blankets from 4 months of boondock'n out in southern Calif. Got rid of the "old man" smell ya know. Think'n bout wash'n up all them other clothes hang'n in my closet. Or throw them in the dumpster.

Has anybody been watch'n the stock market? Boy howdy, old Billy Bob is get'n rich. In just 2 days ATT has gone up almost $2. Suppose that 'cause they are buying T-Mobile??? What ever it is, I hope it keeps climbing till I'm a multi thousandaire.

Yesterday old pesky neighbor Wayne throwed a scare in me. He been hav'n a problem with a pulled muscle of pinched nerve in his neck. He went to a "bone bender" and made it worse. So worse that he had to go to El Paso to the hospital. But he didn't tell me. I waited for him to make his morning visit to "da house", but he never showed up. What the hell, is he lay'n over there on the floor dead? So I go check. Ain't nobody home. Sure glad I didn't find him.

Still don't have the slightest where I'm gonna go this summer. If I go east again, I will be making a stop in Dallas to visit old Uncle Ben again. But this time we gonna do something other than sit'n in an old recliner watch t/v all day. Then there's Dizzy Dick. Sure would like to go catch that big bass out his swamp. Gonna have to do some sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n.

Wonder if that "little red Bronco II" will start up if I go out there and twist the key? I got to think'n, maybe I should put a couple bucks in the Bronco instead of spending another $5000 on a Suzuki Side Kick. More think'n on that matter.


  1. yep , you should put a few more of them ATT dollars into that ford! what will u have when yer done? You will have a real nice classic ford that is in high demand today. Sell that Jeep!
    but I'm not the type to tell you what to do now.


  2. Well Nick I had me a good ol' think'n cession out there on "da porch" and decided I'll put maybe $500 in the "little red bronco" and drive it for the rest of my life. It ain't worth much, but $500 is cheaper than $5000 for the Side Kick.
    Ya think someone would buy "that jeep"????

  3. I have wholesaled several vehicles in my life so I would not have to mess with "shoppers". It was a nice way to get rid of a vehicle.
    Should be in Deming by Sunday at the latest.

  4. What I would do is put that Jeep on Craigs List and wait for someone to show up with money in their hand...O and thke that tow system off so it does not look like it's been towed.

    You know Craigs List is free.

  5. I am in Cancun with all of the money I won off you playing golf. Be back in about a week.


  6. hahahaha loved that cancun quip,,,wayne,,,NOW we know the truth.

  7. You know your welcome here ,, and if you go see Dizzy ,, keep your BIG old gun with ya.. He got a couple mean looking big ole wild hogs on that land. I can just see you trying to fish in his swamp and that big ole HOG run up and ram you into the lake!!