Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back to square one

Got up early again this morn'n so I could get a pot of coffee down before the exciting golf game....in the wind.
It were blow'n so hard that old Billy Bob could hardly stand up. Something like 25 to a hunert mile a hour. Struck a pretty fair game consider'n what I was up against. Didn't break 90, but what the hell, I was swak'n golf balls. Pesky neighbor Wayne call it quits after 9 hole "cause I was beat'n him so bad. He know better than to think he can beat old Billy Bob.....

A few minutes before we tee'd off on the first hole, I got a phone call. It was that New Mexico State Police guy. He asked if I had a receipt for the door what was replaced 10 years ago. WHAT....is he nuts? Nobody keeps receipts for no 10 years. Anyhows, I told him I would just re-register the "little red bronco" in Texas again. Then....I found out I have to take it all the way to south Texas to get that done. "Holy crap Billy Bob, see what problems that "that jeep" has caused you"??? So, in the mean time, I'll be haul'n the Jeep behind the house for another year.

Speak'n of "that jeep", remember I tole you bout the new noise it was mak'n....click click clack clack bang bang? Well I pull the front drive line back out and all that noise is gone.....for now. It could still be a bad CV joint on the left front wheel. What one them cost????

Ok....here comes the Old Fat Man Barney.


  1. They cost a lot. Hey, don't you think that the NM DOT is making a mountain out of a mole hill? Since when is it illigal to put a new door on a vehicle. Tell you what, take the door off, and take it back and try again.

  2. Dizzy, I can't understand a State that issues driver licenses to illegals would require their residents to keep receipts for a freak'n door for the life of the vehicle. But NM isn't the only State that does.
    I'm losing toooo much sleep over this crap.

  3. How long you had it? Still got the bill of sale? That work for them maybe? Hell it used to be easy to get tag in NM. Sounds like the guy was being a jerk

  4. I,m not surre if carfax goes that far but if the door was replaced by a garage or had a insurance claim, they might have that information showing door change.
    the other thing if you have old insurance policy the vin is on it.
    Vin. locations.
    The VIN (vehicle identification number) is located at the bottom of the windshield on the driver’s side. It should also be on the sticker inside the driver’s door, and be on your insurance documents

  5. Anony...the locations are exactly like you say, one in windshield and one on door....but they different. Door was changed by my son 10 years ago....back yard. A "little red bronco II" would make a nice little storage shack.

  6. It looks like to me from all the way over here that it is just about time to get rid of both them problems and get something small and reliable with no problems. Heck, get yourself one of them smart cars, wouldn't even have to tow it, just build a ramp and store it in side when traveling.