Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a day

Boy howdy let me tell ya....this has been one nice day for old Billy Bob.......

Ya see, it's like this, I was still alive and kick'n when I woke up this morn'n....which ain't unusual. But at times I wonder. Sit around wonder'n what I'm gonna do with this "vehicle" situation I got myself in. I just insured "that jeep" a couple days ago....or maybe it was yesterday. But it ain't the jeep I need insurance on. I'm park'n that damn thing and will walk if I have to. But as you know, I still have my "little red broncoII".....with out a computer. But hell, it runs without one.

This afternoon I headed off to the Motor Vehicle place to register the Brono in New Mexico. Ok, they have to SEE the Bronco and it has no current registration to drive down there. But that's OK too. They gave me a special permit to drive it down there so the little lady can verify the VIN number. But the little lady told me I have to have insurance on it before they will issue tags. Hmmmmmm.....since I got a "cheap" quote from Geico yesterday, I'll just go home, get online, and get me some cheap insurance....what I did. Now I have to print out the insurance card they sent my by email. But I ain't got no printer that works. Now what the hell ya gonna do Billy Bob. No problem, put it on a zip card thingy and take it down to Verizon and have Mike print it out....along with the ones for "da house" and "that jeep". Then tomorrow, drive my "little red broncoII down there to the nice lady at the Motor Vehicle place. Simple huh????

Speak'n of the Bronco, I hosed it off today and started wax'n it. Got the hood, front fenders, not just one of 'em, but both and part of one door finished.
Now we get'n somewheres, yes sir ree Billy Bob....look'n good.. Hot damn, can hardly wait. Love my "little red broncoII".

Speak'n of golf, I lied yesterday. The Old Fat Man Barney didn't whoop me as bad as I thought. Only by 4 strokes, but that was Wayne's fault...talk'n when I'm swak'n the ball. Barney struck a 84 ans I swak'ed a 88. Now too bad for a couple old farts.....although Barney is still a youngster.


  1. hey , we actually get to see the bronco. I think you are making a wize choice , how long does it take for you to wash that thing anyway? by the time you get the back done the front gonna be dirty again. he he

  2. Now if Steveio was there supervising, it would be one fender, a sip of coffee, another fender, another sip of coffee.... after a whole pot that Bronco would be looking like a brand new red CORVETTE!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Wow!! looks like a new paint job to me.

  4. Your Bronco looks be-a-u-ti-ful! All else fails you could get a job waxing rigs.