Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Red Bronco II part 2

Boy howdy what a response from yesterdays post. I like it.

Old Bily Bob don't have much patience with new toys....such as a carburetor repair kit, so I broke out some old rusty tools and set my mind to rebuild a perfectly good carburetor....yesterday. By 7pm I was finished, if you can call break'n a couple them plastic vacuum lines and losing one finished . Well maybe it ain't lost, I just can't find it. But it runs good....that is if you consider running without an operating computer.

Old Fool suggested my problem with the computer might be a bad ground connection. Well that ain't it. Ya see, it's like this.....for the last 7 years that old computer has been mak'n all kind of weird noises.....click'n and stuff. Then as it got worser, one of the electronic controls on the carburetor started click'n....with the key turn off.  What would run the battery plumb dead over night. The computer is hook up "hot" 24/7/365. So, I hook it up to the air cond. clutch wire.....the a/c don't work no hows....so's the computer would only be "hot" when I turn on the key. Old Billy Bob know some stuff....huh??? Well now, the computer don't work at all....after been hook up to the a/c clutch for the last 3 years.....sheesh!!I say it's time for a brand spank'n new computer.....what ya think???

Now, bout them busted plastic vacuum lines. Well shoot, just run down town and buy some new ones. Yeah right. I went every place in town....even Taco Bell and no new plastic vacuum lines. Ok, no problem. Where my duct tape??? Actually I used electrical tape. Took 4 wraps around them busted lines and slipped a piece of rubber hose over the enlarged plastic hoses. Hot damn....we in business.

I remember back before duct tape was invented....well actually it was invented, only called something else. Used it in hospitals for years for big ol' cuts and bruises....broke noses and stuff like that.
Adhesive tape....remember??? Only color available was white. Now look what ya got, a rainbow of colors....and they call it duct tape. Of course, if ya didn't have any adhesive tape you could always pick up a roll of friction tape. All hardware stores carried it. "Sheesh Billy Bob, what the hell are you talk'n bout tape for"???

Did ya know it's almost humm'n bird time? Yep, it get'n close. Just this morn'n while I was sit'n out on "da porch" sip'n a cup, here come one them big yeller and black birds, landed on the hummer feeder think'n he was gonna get something to eat, gave me one them looks and away he flew.


  1. What year is that Bronco and what engine?

  2. About that computer,are there any wrecking yards round you that might have one? maybe cheaper than a new one, or how bout a remanufactured one?
    Personally I've found Pep Boys to be real helpful in those type things

  3. Oldfool....it's an 84 with 2.8 v6

    Come on Ben, you know old Billy Bob don't do junk yards. End up with the same thing I have now. Price range of $75 to $120 don't sound to bad for me. Get a guarantee too.

  4. I like the way you rig up motors to run (or sort of run).

  5. Remembering when duct was invented, you probably remember when dirt was invented also. I know I'v got some around here that is a lot younger than me.

  6. No, Billy Bob was around before dirt was invented and the dinosaurs.

  7. I like the way you think

  8. Hey there old man..I found you through a link from some other blog and was captured by your "voice". Been following you for a few days now and thought it was time to say hello. Enjoy the little peaks into your world. I'll be RV'ing myself real soon now so am reading and learning all I can about the life. Keep the stories coming.

  9. Hey Rusted Granny! I met this here Billy Bob in person. He's one heckuva guy, I tell you!

    And his blog is down right hilarious!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard