Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meds...no meds

It ain't been very far back that I could sit down and write a blog post with "no problem". Seems lately, I just can't get my mind to function on a subject of interest. With that said, could I be losing my mind??? Could my meds be mind altering drugs? Or could it be that I just don't do anything anymore?

Ok.....we got that all settled. Now lets see what old Billy Bob can come up with this morning. *think'n....think'n....think'n* Not a damn thing comes to mind.

Well the "old fat man" Barney is to hit the road this morning. In 30 to 35 mph wind. He was headed off to some lake over by Carlsbad here in New Mexico, but....it's on fire.....or something like that. Hope he don't get discouraged and head back to the Gulf coast and spend the summer sit'n in that salt environment in Rockport, Texas.....do'n nuttin.

Barney's visit to old Billy Bob's "da house" turned out to be a very pleasant experience. Gonna have to meet up with him somewheres down the road here in a couple months. The golf games we played was nuttin but fun....except for one occasion when the wind was entirely too strong for a couple old farts to be swak'n golf balls. Many hour we spent sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n coffee and BS'n. Gonna miss him.

Well, my Dr Frankinsteen has done piss me off. Ya see, I done run out of meds, prescriptions expired, and I went to his office to get them renewed for another year. They say I have to make an appointment for a "follow up" before I can get one year of drugs. And the only opening is way up in June...the 8th or something like that. That would be a time when I had expected to be "on the road again". So now I have to change my travel plans to fit his plans. Damn, it only take 5 minutes to write a freak'n prescription. Anyhows, after a bunch of bitch'n and holler'n, they gave me a 3 month prescription. I could stretch that into 6 months by tak'n my meds every other day, but then I would still have to see him when I get back from my next trip. So.....schedule change.

Now let's talk bout a good nights sleep. For the last month I do not sleep very well. Oh I sleep, but when I get up in the morning, I feel like I didn't sleep but a couple hours. I have dreams that wake me in the middle of the night, just like old Ben, but by morning I don't remember them. Makes me wish I was younger again. But then if I was, I would have to relive all this crap again. It's hard I'm tell'n ya, it's hard. Best advice I can give ya is to stay young, get off the couch and take a walk, do some mind exercises and if you're single, get a young girlfriend. Don't retire.

Gonna shoot that damn clock. Finally found new clocks in Walmart and bought me up one. By the time I finished alterations, it quit run'n every 20 minutes. What the hell.....just like the old one. Took it back apart, bent the second hand so it wouldn't rub on the glass....walla....brand spank'n new clock. Now the old one is doomed to die a terrible death.....maybe today. So stay tuned.

Ok, winds kick'n up to 39 mph. Shoot'n that clock is got to wait. Gonna be excit'n.


  1. If I ever get across the border into Mexico I'm gonna buy me enough meds to last the rest of my life! If you think you have it bad, you should be a female and try to get a couple of little prescriptions renewed!

  2. WTH u talking about, BB,,,on those walmart clocks? I got 2, 3.97 @, works like a charm. Been replacing all those dam electric ones, with battery ones, electric WITH backup,,not worth plugging in. Hated to have to keep setting em every time electricity blinked. Even my alarm clock,,runs on batteries now.

  3. Well Gypsy, it's not really the doc's fault. I'm pretty much hard headed ya know.....and do things my way. So I thought.

    Trouble....I done bought me up two of those battery clocks. Had I not taken them apart I probably would have only bought one. As above...do things my way....lol.

  4. About that Not retiring thing...sorry but your dead wrong. I'm old, but I refuse to BE old. I gave up all my prescription pills and just started eating right and exercising. So your 100% correct when you tell the young one's to keep active and healthy. I've got retirement lined up in my sights and will pull the trigger in June.

  5. I do not like doctors and have told them so. I don't think they like me, nor want to see me, so when I call Wal-Mart to reorder my bp pills, they call his office and they always renew it for another year.

  6. Granny, Billy Bob wrong??? Oh my god where have I heard that before?
    Your troubles won't be start'n till June. With a job you at least know what you gonna do for the day. Retired you gonna be sit'n down do'n a lot of think'n...."what I gonna do today"?
    Congrats on your retirement day.

  7. Billy Bob. Gads! I can only hope your wrong again. I'm going to be so darn busy doing all the things I want to do, that a day of just sitting will have to be scheduled in! Example: hiking, reading, stitching, crocheting, crafting, woodworking,traveling, meeting new people, gardening, raising a puppy (gonna get one this Fall). Almost forgot - keeping up on my favorite Soap Opera.