Sunday, January 9, 2011

Broke down

I'm broke down at the slabs. Not "that jeep" or "Sally da house", but old Billy Bob.

Ya see, it's like this.....I was brag'n the other day bout how good I been feel'n and that my back ain't been hurt'n like it usually do. Then I woke up the next morn'n with one the worstest back aches I had in a couple years. Somehows I musta turn or bend over the wrong way. I know I didn't pick nuttin up what was to heavy. Anyhows, I been on the couch and the floor for the last 2 days. This morn'n it was much better.

While I'm wait'n on a can of Campbells Mmmmm Mmmmm good cream of mushroom soup thought I would see what I can write about.

This pic is for old Uncle Ben. We was talk'n bout targets out here on the bomb'n and shoot'n range. This was the best I could do for a pic of what I think is what them machine guns shoot at. Look like a bunch of rocks, but how the hell did they get them out there? That's about 4 or 5 mile from the slabs on full zoom.

Fount a water hole to try the Mississippi Riverboat in. It got all kind of signs say'n no trespass'n and all that, but old Billy Bob ain't skeered. I'll attempt to make a short video of the test run....along with a few pics. That is if'n I don't forget to take the camera with me. Git'n all excitis here ya knows.

My mechanic is gonna put the front drive line back in "that jeep" and replace the other universal joint in the back drive line. Probably tomorrow.That is if'n I don't go play a round of golf ball swak'n. Don't need no 4 wheel drive to go to the golf course.....ya know.

Not that anyone really cares....but I sure is wonderful weather here in southern California. Down to maybe 45 degs at night and georgious 70's during the day. Eat yer hearts out America!!!


  1. I'm one of the few folks who's smiling right along with you at the weather. :) Poor Ben is dealing with snow.

    Take care of that back. I know how it limits one when it goes out. Been there.

  2. 50 x 64 here in Rockport. Went down to the beach to play today.

  3. Don't forget your camera, I want to see that boat in action, and alwo see how fast you can run carrying the boat while filming your escape when you get chased off the "No Trespassing" puddle.

  4. Just be sure you take the water proof camera so you can get the submerged pictures as well. :-)
    I'm telling you, tie a long ass string to it so you can drag it back in.

  5. I thought your boys had fixed "that jeep" when you went up to visit them this summer...

    Hope you get to feeling better, I know what it is like to deal with a bad back :(

  6. sorry yer feelin down, That money pit still not fixed? Hey its been real nice here in Florida too , I guess you arent the only one with good weather.