Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog whoa's

Well shoot, what the hell we gonna talk bout today? Ain't offen I run out of stuff to talk about ya know.....but....

Ya ain't gonna beleive it.....Sadie May done put a scratch in the brand spank'n new "that floor". Ya see, it's like this....we was com'n in to "da house" last night an' she were all excitis bout something....go slid'n cross the floor....leave a skid mark. Now where the hell are her fingernail clippers? I don't like trim'n her nails 'cause I worry bout go'n too far and make her scream. Ain't no ways I gonna again take her to a groomer to have it done. First they do the same thing I do. Cut off bout a eigth inches. Then they hands me back my dog long with a big ol' bill for their services. All in bout 5 minutes. Nope....ain't no way.

Ok here's the deal. It's hard enough to sit down and write a blog post what might be interesting to everbody. You cain't please everbody with every blog ya write. Thoughts, desires and interests ain't all the same. So how the hell do ya write a blog what everybody wants to read? I've tried every angle I can think of to maintain followers....except sports and politics. I can't do it. Followers come and go. "Suck it up Billy Bob".

Speak'n of followers, I got lots of followers I would like to meet up with in person and spend some quality time with. Some I done had the pleasure to meet up with and they on my "to visit again" list. Are you on my list???

Ain't got much to say bout comments. Sometimes I do....sometimes I don't. But....I read all the blogs. I'm like everbody else....I like to see comments, but I don't always comment. Catch my drift???

Now what the hell is wrong with Billy Bob. For the last 4 or 8 days, everything I eat, I get sick. Not puk'n sick, but I sure don't feel good. Think'n maybe it has something to do with all the stress an' pull'n my hair out is caus'n it. Why sure us retired people have stress if'n ya didn't know. We got lots of important stuff to think bout ya know. Even "road fever" can cause stress. Mine is com'n from all the stuff still on my "to do" list and what little time I have left to "git 'er done". I rekon I probably aughter get off my butt and do something...huh?

Ok....need to crank up "that jeep and go to the auto parts sell'n place. Got to buy me up some freon and oil for the a/c. Yeah....that what I gonna do. 


  1. I am on a list but it starts with a sh and ends up with an it....I met you once down near Terlingua when you were parked aross from The Grub Shack. Got a picture of you holding the model of the paddle-wheeler boat.

  2. I think a lot of us retired folks who are in the vicinity of 70 get hit with the realization that there is more we want to do than we have time or energy for. That causes stress, which leads to not feeling well. I have so many things I want to do and places I want to see before it's too late, and that causes more stress. I don't always want to be running here and running there - I just want to go someplace out away from the crowds and insanity, and think about all the wonderful people, places, and things that I'm grateful for.

  3. Hi BB,
    Been following your blog for a time and enjoy reading it. I think Gypsy hit the nail on the head, and it sucks, big time. My motivation has been low lately so I started doing me a gratitude list each morning. It is surprising how much we have to be grateful about if we take time to think about it. This has helped me a great deal pull up those old boot straps and “git 'er done”!!!! Write what makes you happy that's the most important thing, as the song says, "Be Happy, Don’t Worry!" Feel better soon! PS : A good dog is worth more than a good floor any day. Forget “that floor” and put a rug over it.

  4. Sounds like the pup is just glad to be home! That counts for a lot, I think.

    I sure know what you mean about feeling like time is short! I get that feeling more and more every day!

  5. As my blog motto says Don't Wait, Tomorrow Starts Now

  6. Back in 1997, at age 55, I went through something like you describe. About an hour or so after eating I'd have lot of indigestion, gas and a feeling of something not right but no pain anywhere. I'd just stop whatever I was doing and stand there for a number of minutes. I'd go to bed at 11pm and somewhere about 1-3am I'd wake up with indigestion and gas and have to take a couple Tums.

    I ended up with a heart stress test and my heart didn't do so well and within 3 days, counting a weekend, I had open heart surgery for 5 major blockages. A week from the day of the stress test I was home and what an improvement in energy and no more indigestion etc.. I was self employed and two weeks later I was back to work, but that was a bit too soon.

    Today they install stents and do a lot less open heart surgery.

    If I were you I would see a doctor ASAP.


  7. Hey.. are we on your list? We met ya, and sure would like to meet ya again!

    Perhaps a visit to the doc is a good thing... get a 50 mile checkup?

    Question: Why do you feel like you are running outta time on your projects? What's that all about? Having an RV is a never-ending list of projects! YOu will never be done, just keep moving on to the next one and the next one after that. Don't plan so far ahead and you will feel more of a sense of accomplishment?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. I've only been following your blog for a few months. Been really enjoying the good ones and the not so good ones. We too do a blog. More in the winter months but a few in the summer. It's gotten easier with time. We almost fulltime from Oct to May for 3 years now. Going "full time" for next 3 years this coming October. Hard decision to make! I've learned to take one day at a time to relieve any stress. The good Lord has given me the time so I gotta take time to be thankful every day. Another "point of view" I've come to believe is " if I get everything done today, what will I do tomorrow ? " Check out our blog http://cmhl09@blogspot.com otherwise known as Rolling Earthquake.. Keep up the good work !!

  9. Maybe your list was to big. Get the must haves done an get a check up and get back on the road. I think you have been sitting in one place far to long.
    I don't always comment but enjoy your blog.

  10. Had the pleasure of meeting you twice before...will there be a third time?

  11. Hey Billy Bob, I love reading your blog! I'm really, really behind on all my blogs I follow right now. I'm at a campground in Pa & the internet is iffy.
    Have to head back to Texas next week...gonna hate leaving these cool morns & cool evenings! But again, I do love keeping up on your blog when I can.