Sunday, July 1, 2012

Run'n out of time

Boy howdy, why do I wake up in a grouchy mood when I know I ain't got nuttin to be grouchy about. Yup, today is gonna be one them days. I've got myself in a bind mess'n with stuff I should have left alone.

Back to the floor, the one issue I would like to forget. A test was performed on a new piece of flooring. The result indicated the can of polyurethane is contaminated.
It seems now that the gallon can of polyurethane is contaminated with itty bitty dust particles and great big ol' dog hairs. Ya see, it's like this....Robert took over the task of slop'n on the final coat of finish on the floor. What turned out to be "nasty". What I spent an entire day sanding out all the imperfections I could.....with a bunch of "greenies". I now have a smooth floor with no finish coat on it. Never, and I stress NEVER, cover an open can of polyurethane with the same rag you are using to wipe up dirt, dust, sand and dog hairs. "Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"?

Now you can see why I get a bit grouchy from time to time. But that's not the only reason a person would be grouchy this early in the morning. Nothing is getting finished like I had planned. The wheel bearings on "Sally da house" are still not repacked and more than likely won't be. The grease job and engine maintenance has not been performed....and more than likely won't be. The tires are still not replaced and more than likely won't be. The slide out awning cover is still lay'n on the floor in the garage. The full day of working on "that jeep" is more than likely a complete loss. Something ain't go'n 'cord'n to plan.

Ok, if'n you been follow'n Billy Bob's blog long enough, you know he gonna be fine tomorrow. All smiles, jump'n up an' down, run'n round the block an' stuff like that. Right???

Speak'n run'n round the block, did I ever tell ya bout the time.......
It were way back when I were just a young feller in Port Aransas, Texas. Bout the same time the hippies was head'n off to some wild an' crazy concert up in New York...or somewheres like that. I had spend the night before out on the town with the boys....drink'n beer and "hoot'n" it up. I had me a headache, sick as a dog.....grouchy. XX wife was flap'n her jaws an' giv'n me hell. I jumps up chase her nag'n ass slap out the house to the front porch. She stand out there mak'n fun the old Billy Bob an' stuff like that. "Na na na you can't get me". Like hell I can't......out the door I flys ....neekid a jay bird, chas'n her down the street with a pitcher full ice water I gonna toss on her. Holy crap, there was people all over the place giggl'n and laugh'n....point'n fingers an' stuff....an' I ain't got a stitch of clothes on....Wilber flap'n in the breeze.
Hee hee....that were funnier than hell. 

Ok, let's see what today brings the old Billy Bob. Laters.


  1. I can just picture it! Thanks for the laugh to get me started this morning - hope you're still laughing too.

  2. LMAO!! I just KNEW you were gonna say you went streaking....hahahahaha

  3. Guess we all have days like yours, my friend!

    Luckily they don't come around too often!

  4. Wilber? dang, you got it named. I am still doubled over laughing. Thanks for brightening up my day.

    1. uh DD ,,,was kinda keeping my mouth shut on that...

  5. hahahaha...even named it, lol! Thanks for the laugh, I needed that :D

  6. ethel put yer clothes back on