Friday, July 6, 2012

Prep this....

Dag nab it, what are people think'n? I remember a time when old prospectors drinked mercury followed by a shot of whiskey. Ain't none of 'em died from mercury. They died of gun shots wounds, fall'n down a hunnert foots mine shaft, got kickied in the head by a burro....or something like that. Then here come a bunch of burrocrats claim'n that mercury will kill ya. Everbody believed it an' quit drink'n the stuff. Then there is lead paint. My god, I ate a ton that stuff when I were teeth'n as a young'un. Now days "they" (whoever they is) is try'n to outlaw lead fish weights and shot gun pellets.

Allergies......hogwash. Don't care what ya say, allergies is hogwash. Weren't no such thing back when we all played outside, ate mud pies and romped through the woods with our old flea infested dog. Television, video games and cell phones....that what it is. No body goes outside. Or if'n you was to take a closer look, it ain't pollen from flowers and stuff like that....it's the crap we are put'n in the air. Chemicals and stuff. I member one time when I live across the street from Monsanto. Got me a new paint job out that deal. Discharged chemicals done ate holes in my paint. Way to go chemical companies.

Preppers is what scares me. These are the people what is scared to death that the world is com'n to a end.....maybe tomorrow. Stock up (hoard) everything from can groceries to toilet paper....tons of the stuff. I went off this morn'n read'n some "prepper" blogs. I says...."what the hell"? Don't need to be tell'n ya what I'm think'n bout all that. Hog wash!!! If'n ya want a can of green beans, go to the damn grocery store an' buy a can.

Ok....I'm done with all that. Good morn'n!!!! I'm think'n it gonna be another hot day here in west Georgia. A/C is already crank'n out cold air. Might gonna be a inside day of reinstall'n all the stuff I took out "da house" last week. I ain't look'n forward to that. There stuff lay'n everwheres. And tools...."my God Billy Bob, look at that pile of tools ya got to put up".

As you can see, I don't have much to say this morn'n. Sooo, I'm out of here...got things to do ya know.


  1. You don't have to save up food stuffs as long as you have guns. You can shoot your food. Maybe a fish'n pole would also help some. And the guns would keep others from stealing your food. (grin) I just go to Wal*Mart and get my food. If'n they don't have what I want, I go to Kroger's.

    1. Tell that to a "genuine" prepper an' ya gonna upset their apple cart. Things ain't never be so bad that we can't go to the grocery store and buy up something to eat....and a hand full of bullets, or a fish pole.

  2. What???? Reinstalling???? What have i missed?
    Gotta agree with you on the outside. As kids, we were never inside except the have to times. It's also the inside air that is poison now. Fumes and stuff from all the materials used.

    1. Well yeah reinstall...ya didn't think I were gonna polyurethane "that floor with all that stuff lay'n round did ya? Sheesh woman!!!

      I really don't know what tpo blame "ailments" on now days. With way too many people on this earth, something gotta give. Too bad it's gotta be our health. I feel sorry for all the kids today that don't know what fresh air is and don't know what a walk in the woods is. Maybe I'm just too "old school" to understand the think'n of this generation. Over protection?

  3. Man O Man I wish my allergies were not real then I could play with puppy dogs without running a 104 fever the next couple of days. Meanwhile my latest toy was just delivered by ABF trucking. You are gonna be jealous. Details in the blog tonight. Gotta go, food is calling.

  4. I try to prep for power outages during storms and such. Much more than that and I'm good to be one of the ones who doesn't make it.

  5. I agree with just about everything you said, BB. Except the chemical companies weren't satisfied with taking the paint off your car & burning holes in it, now they make chemicals to add to our food!

    Where I'm going camping there will be dust from drivers kickin' it up driving too fast on the gravel road, but probably no smog!

  6. I really like the way your not afraid to take on fixing thangs in the MH. I also agree that kids are so pampered these days that they miss out on the good things in plain ol dirt, and old dogs that only get a bath when it rains or they go swimming with the kids in the brown creek water.

    Now one of the things you don't see anymore is a mom sending a mean little kid out to get a switch and bring it back to her...Now my mother could have taken Jessie James to his knees begging for mercy....and you know what, I can't remember a one of those spankings I got that I didn't deserve.

  7. I knew a "prepper" gal who invested in many many many big gallon cans of food called SamAndy foods. No disaster from Y2K ever hit... and her "prepping" was all for naught. Once the cans reached about 7 years old, she had to throw them all out!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Y2K was a hoax and proved that many people can't judge risk very well.

    Today, a financial crash of US and/or world banks and/or economies seems to be a distinct possibility and to some, it is a high probability.

    I for one believe that a financial or economic collapse is the goal of some of our politicians and others that support them.

    My wife and I are full timers living on my SS and a small amount of savings and IMO there is no way we could survive a collapse of our society unless we were somewhat prepared. So I have thought through what it would take to feed ourselves, have a more or less unlimited supply of water we could disinfect and then how to protect those things and ourselves.

    The protection part and where to hunker down to attempt to survive is impossible with only two people; she is 60 and I will be 70 later this year, both of us are heart patients.

    We have a serious advantage over most RVers including full timers. We owe no one anything other than Internet/TV/insurance monthly bills and the RV is a 36' motor home and we have 600 watts of solar, 6 220 amp/hr AGM batteries and a 2K inverter and a 45 amp solar charger with a 5.5KW generator. We have an outdoor WOK and a nice gas grill, spare/portable 30 lb propane tank, hoses etc., 45 gal collapsible bladder water tank and 42 gal roadable 'blue boy' for water and sewage transport. I have a 12' Porta-Bote, 4hp Mercury and 55lb trolling motor; the bote weighs 70 lbs and folds up to 12' 6" x 24" x 4" and hangs on the side of the motor home. I also have a macerator pump and 1" hose. I have built a dual axis (up/down/left right sun sensor operated) solar tracker for one of my 6 2' x 5' solar panels that was to be installed on the roof which I have not done. I also have all the parts but one motor to build a second tracker. And we have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

    Where we would get propane, gasoline and our life altering meds and how to pay what they would cost is a large problem. And if banks go to hell, how do you get cash or use the credit/debit card?

    None of the above was purchased for prepping or survival. For the last 6+ years we have been boondocking like 9 months a year.

    The only preparing I've done is to learn about small scale aquaponics to grow veggies and fish, raising rabbits, making bread from a starter, solar ovens, use of a Fresnel lens and the sun to do things from starting a fire to boiling water to melting metals, and there are a few other things I've learned about.

    IMO everyone should be at least considering the possibility and what they would do in case of a collapse of our society as we have known it. If you can't get water and food, nothing else matters much...