Monday, July 2, 2012

Give 'em hell Billy Bob

Boy howdy....another project. Got Robert and Tim lay'n pavers at the back porch. Ya see, it was like this....there were some old warped and rotted boards used as pavers and I decided the boys gonna dig them boards up an' throws them in the dumpster. Sent them off to Walmart to buy up some concrete pavers an' some sand. Gonna be a professional job when the old Billy Bob show 'em how to do it.

What can be hard bout lay'n pavers? Well let me tell ya. Ya got to have a nice level foundation to lay them on, covered with bout a inches or so of sand. Now if'n you was here watch'n grandson Timothy try'n to level the ground, you would see why I throwed up my arms and walk slap off'n the job. Damn Tim, it's simple.

Hot damn, weather is back to normal. Right at 94 degs here in the State of Georgia. That blasted heat wave what come through here like to have kill me. Had to stay inside all day watch'n TV....thermostat set on 75. Yee Haa.....it were cool in "da house". It's cloudy today so maybe it gonna rain. Not that I want rain or anything like that, but it would give me a test run on if'n the slide out is gonna leak or not after caulking the roof of it. Not would make me very happy and proud. Come on rain, I dares ya.

I ain't got a damn thing to talk bout today. That is unless ya wanna here some more bout the "that floor". Notice I says "that floor". Remember when I bought up "that jeep"? It was a mistake and "that jeep" got the name as a sarcastic remark 'cause it's a piece of crap. Now I named my floor for the same reason...."that floor". Two mistakes don't make a right. Anyhows....started slap'n on another coat of polyurethane on "that floor" and it look'n good again. Can still see the imperfections, but what the hell.....I'm done with this friggin nightmare.

Ok....things to do ya know.....laters.

LOL....update on pavers.....another nightmare. Robert done took over. What he think he do'n, pour'n concrete??? Set'n forms an' stuff. LOLOLOL.....funny.


  1. You can probably see the imperfections in the flooring only at certain times of day when the sun hits it right. Just don't look during those times.

    If I remember some of your past posts, when you were Tim's age you were hangin' out at Suzie Q's being a bad-ass:~)))

    1. Maybe just hanging out?,,,hahahahah Wilbur anyway.

  2. Oh, you're bein' very naughty!

  3. Think I will stay out of line of comments.

  4. It seems to me "that" floor will be all right after a year or two of "that" foot traffic on it. I bet you'll hardly notice.

    Those pavers do need a border, preferably the same style of pavers, or brick, cemented in. They're doing that, right? Otherwise that "base" sand will just bleed out and they will have to come back in two years to re-do it.

    A Nonny Moose in El Paso

  5. Alrighty then Billy Bob... this is from Steve:

    "Billy Bob, you just need to order some of my wife's fine rugs that she weaves and cover up that floor!"

    (he said it, not me!)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Hi just ran across your blog, love it :)

  7. I almost choked reading Trouble's comment...hahahahah!