Monday, July 23, 2012


Have ya ever buy something and while you was buy'n it had this feel'n....sucker? Ya see, yesterday we went off to the flea market just down the road a piece. A BIG flea market with all kind of tempting stuff to buy. Well, I were in the market for a new flashlight. One what I could see in the dark with.

Sit'n there on this table is a cool look'n flashlight what says "Police" on the side it. Now this is got to be a good 'un. Rechargable batter, 2 chargers, and adjustable high intensity beam of blind'n light. I wheeled and dealed an' got that sucker for $15....yee ha. I could be on DirecTV on one them barter programs. Well anyhows....the damn thing don't work. "Sucker".

Ok, enough of Billy Bob get'n trimmed by a soft talk'n oriental at the flea market. Went off to Academy the other day (couple days ago). Just look'n ya know. Bought me up a couple bass fish lures for when I get back to the Texas lakes. Gonna get that 14 pounder this year for sure.

Funny, here it is the middle of summer and I already think'n bout winter. No I ain't think'n bout no cold weather....snow an' stuff like that. I'm think'n south Texas where it's gonna be warm every day and catch'n me up a bunch of fish. Lay'n back in the sunshine while the rest of the country is freez'n their buttock (ass) off.....do'n nuttin.

Grandson Nick says to me...."Papaw, what's Bubba Boat look like blowed up"? Well shoot Nick, blow it up. Oh Oh, Billy Bob done mess up. Inside the rolled up "Bubba Boat" was moisture from 3 months ago. It don't seem to be rotted, but I won't know for sure till I'm out there in the middle of a lake somewheres. Probably gonna fall apart, gonna sink an' I gonna drown. With that thought in mind, I been look'n at other blow up fish'n boats. Done fount me one what is bigger than the "bubba boat" and will carry 4 people, and Sadie Mae, to the fish'n grounds. Sounds like another project to me. What ya think?

With all the projects and repairs on "Sally da house" and "that jeep" finished, I been get'n a rash on my buttocks (ass) from sit' round do'n nuttin. Oh don't be get'n me wrong now, I DO like sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin. It's just the big ol' blisters what bother me.

Speak'n of blisters an' stuff like that....I been feel'n pretty damn good for the last week. But here what I'm think'n....I been do'n some the cook'n for the crew in the last week. Been sleep'n good at night....except'n for the night after swak'n golf balls an' fall'n on my buttocks (ass). Life is good.

Been look'n at bicycles again. I'm think'n I'm need'n me some exercise. That could be my project for today huh? Find a bicycle shop here in Georgia....take a look see. "Google is your best friend". Maybe find me one with a hunnert horse power motor on it for get'n back home when I get wored slap out. What ya think?

Ain't got a thing to do today that I can think of. Well, that ain't exactly true. Still got a couple little chores on the "to do" list and all them tools are still out there in there garage to be put up. I'm think'n bout unload'n bout a hunnert pound of them tools to Robert. "What the hell ya need a table saw for Billy Bob"? I got WAY too many tools. Don't use them nohows anymore. Got me a brand spank'n new generator back there I been tote'n round what ain't been started for the last almost 4 years. Ain't got no use in the world for it no more. Unless I buy me a tent an' go camp'n. And that ain't gonna happen.

Ok....got things to do.....laters.


  1. Don't give up on that $15 flashlight just yet. Do you think it might be a simple thing such as needing a new bulb? Nah, that isn't ever the problem, is it.

    A bicycle with a hunnert horsepower motor is the only kind I would even attempt to ride.

    1. It's one them new fangled LED doohickies with a battery like I ain't never see before. Made in China of course. LOL....I'm a "sucker" for them kind of deals.

      I cain't walk very far so figgered riding a electric motor assisted bike would do the trick.

  2. I bought a little one that has 14 led bulbs in it at he flea market. I am so impressed I will get me another one. It is only a little longer than an AA battery.

  3. I am just outside Ruston La. writing this. I got a new boat. You getin a new boat. Dem damn fish in Falcon and Amistad are about to be in a world of hurt. I still want to try Rough Canyon at Amistad with a boat. The new grandkid is being born as I write these words. Have fun.

  4. What??? I Say,,,WHAT??? Did you just say,,finished with "that jeep"?
    Don't ya love those bargains...? lmao,,how many people would buy a flashlight not working,,just you, cause you can fix it,,,right? O mercy BB,,had my laugh today.

  5. We have the ezip bikes (amazon/walmart) and we use them exactly like you say, when we get tired we add a little kick, just to take the edge off. Not great on big hills - battery will wear out pretty quick... but then we would wear out quicker. Hubby and I both love them, makes biking fun, we go farther and get some exercise but not so much that we hurt from it. you can use battery only or just twist the handle a little as you go to make it easier. just my 2 cents worth..

  6. Hey Billy Bob if you get that boat that holds 4 people plus Sadie Mae will you take me for a ride when you come to Lake Amistad?

    If you don't get rid of your table saw maybe you can teach me how to use it, I would sure love to learn!

    Remember you made fun of me because I did not know air oompressors put out oil or water or both? Well as punishment you also have to show me how to use one!

  7. Hey Billy Bob if'n you like flea markets, then on your way back to south Texas time your trip so's you get to Canton on the first Monday weekend of the month. They got about two thousand acres of flea market, some of it air conditioned, you can even rent a golf cart to get around in. If you can't find it there you just can't find it, whatever it is.