Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tater skin

"What the hell?.....my fried taters got skin on 'em". I don't usually get in a wad over little things like tater skins, but fried taters with skin on 'em ain't no little thing. My god, what do ya rekon a tater peeler is for? DUH!!!
What do ya do with a banana before ya eat it? See what I'm talk'n bout.

I was out in the yard yesterday swak'n me some golf balls.
"That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump.
*patiently waiting*

I just read a question...."do fish drink water?". I found that funny and laughed. Then I wondered if fish drink beer. And if so, do they get drunk?

Speak'n of fish.....do fish feel pain? According to "fish experts", yes they do and no they don't. It's a 50/50 deal, so the ball is in your court.

Ok, now bout fish hooks. If your intention is to murder a fish an' eat him later, it's fine to use a treble hook to catch 'em. That's a hook with 3 super sharp barbs on it ya know. If you are a sports fisherman, catch and release, the use of treble hooks is a no no. If you happen to be inconsiderate to the fish while "sport fish'n", an' ya use a treble hook anyhows, and the fish swallers the hook, do not attempt to remove it if it will cause damage to the fish. It will eventually dissolve and the fish will live a long an' fruitful life. Hook'n a fish by his lips will not kill a fish or make him overly uncomfortable.
Choose your hooks wisely.


  1. Thanks for all that fishin advice, but don't do fishin.
    Eat french fries though, even with the skin.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I didn't even know they made treble hooks.

  3. Have you ever" telephoned" for fish? I haven't, but know a few who have.

    1. Been known to crank up a few, just don't get in the middle of the conversation.

  4. Reading about the fishing sure makes me want to go again! Been way too long, ya know?

  5. All my life I have heard tales about how so and so drinks like a fish, so therefore apparently fish do drink.

  6. Almost all the nutrients are just below the skin. Farther in, it is just starches, water and the veggie equivalent of newsprint. The skins be good for you.

  7. Hey BB I use a few top water lures but like all my lures I cut the top treble off and I C&R 95% at the rest. Not as much for the fish as for me. Those dam top ones always get me when releasing that darn fish.....Fish on Brother