Monday, December 2, 2013

This ain't winter.....or is it?

So what's the big deal with "winter"? Seems like it happens every year bout this time. Temps fall into the teens an' everbody start whinn'n bout how cold it is an' how they hate cold weather......know what I'm talk'n bout? If'n ya been pay'n attention to the weather guys on TV, you know another cold front is on the way south. Gonna be colder than.....well, you know what I'm talk'n bout. That's cold!!!
But it ain't gonna happen today. Not in south Texas anyhows.

I mention south Texas quite often an' I got good reason to. It's warmer than most parts of the country. You can go fish'n, spend a day at the beach, go golf'n....wear shorts, tee's an' go barefooted. And winter usually only last bout two or three weeks.....give or take a few days. If'n ya got tires on your house, there ain't no reason to be cold for months on end. Shovel'n snow an' shit like that.

I ain't always in the right place at the right time. Sometimes I get there a month too early or a month too late. An' sometimes it don't make no matter one way or the other. When I arrived in Deming, NM this year, it was hot. I left 6 weeks later 'cause it was cold. Poooof, just like that, summer turn to winter. I don't spend no more winters in Deming. Seems like this year, it's gonna be cold no matter where ya go. Dad gum global warming.

I'm go'n golf'n today. There, I said it. I used to get all excitis when we was gonna go somewheres....like DisneyLand, a fish'n/camp'n trip, go swim'n in the Atlantic Ocean....stuff like that. Sometimes ya only get to go bout onest a year. Ya lose sleep. Well, last night I lose sleep too. I've played golf before ya know, I shouldn't be all excitis. Maybe today I'll have me a good round of golf ball swak'n. Even if'n it ain't a good round, the Mexican food and spend'n the afternoon with a friend will be good.

So that's the way it is. Ya cain't change things that cain't be changed. Ya got to make the best of any situation. Have fun......an' get all excitis bout something.   


  1. I get all "excites" just waiting to read your blog!! But, on the other hand, it don't take much to get me "excites". (grin).

  2. A good golf game, big meal, and a long nap! What could be better?

    1. Beating the OFM at golf, a big meal and a long nap!

  3. Howdy #1 BB,
    Just do whatever your little broken heart desires to do !!! Heck far, you might wind up petting a goat !!! hee heeee heeee