Wednesday, January 22, 2014

UPDATE.....Froze water hose.....need coffee

The first thing I got to do today is thaw out my freak'n water hose. Accord'n to my Walmart special temp. thingy, it got down to 26 degs last night. That's NOT what the weather forecast thingy said. I suppose by the time I get to the golf ball swak'n place at 10:30 I won't have to wear gloves an'  big ol' overcoat. Damn I hate cold weather.

Me an' nephew Joseph was sit'n here talk'n yesterday evening. "Uncle Bill, did you order the tow bar bracket yet"? Well, ya see, I was plan'n on modify'n the bracket off'n "that jeep" to save bout $375....or more. That's when he reminded me that the car lot lowered the price of "billy jeep" (I like that name) by $500 and installed a brand new set of $500 tires. Today, or tomorrow, I will order a brand new tow bar bracket. Part # BX 1115 by Blue Ox.

Ok, here's the problem. Part # BX 1115 is listed on bout a hunnert internet sites....with pictures of the bracket. But they ain't the same pictures for the same part number. What the hell???

Joseph has been scop'n out the new Jeep...."hey uncle Bill, look what I found". In the back cargo compartment there is a little cubby hole with a lid on it. Inside is a high dollar 6 CD changer. I ain't never owned a 6 CD changer in my life. I don't even think I own 6 CD's. If I do, I don't know where they would be stashed. At one time I did own bout a hunnert cassette tapes. Remember them?? I don't listen to music while I'm driv'n down the road....I think. And watch the road.

Ok, I got to go find me some warm clothes for today's excit'n round of golf with the OFM Barney. Hope he takes some pity on me as I'm stand'n there shiver'n at the #1 tee box. Damn I hate cold weather.
Since this mornings blog post did not show up on followers blogs, I will make this update on a wonderful round of swak'n golf balls.

When I met up with Barney at the golf course, the temps were on the rise. No shivers for the old Billy Bob. I played the white tees on all par 4's, what gave me a total yardage of bout 5700 yards. That's about my limit at 72 years old. From the white tees, I was able to reach the green in two strokes. Did I??? Well hell no. You think I'm a professional or something like that? Anyhows, it was a great game....neck an' neck with the "old fat man".

Another great afternoon lunch at the finest Mexican food eat'n place in Sinton, Texas. Bellies full, we called it a day.

Now I got to find me a place on the floor to lay this old body down. Ain't hurt this bad in a few years.  


  1. Glad you're replacing,,"that POS". I have that cd player in the trunk too. Never use it. Nor radio. Like the quiet time too.
    Making preps for Thurs and Fri,,,lol. Don't wanna have to get out. Weather report's NOT changing yet. Still bad.

  2. Glad you got another Jeep to tow. Pretty soon it will going down the road behind Sally just as nice as you please.

  3. Golfin.... Mexican Food.... Napping....

    Ahhh what a life!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. Sounds like a good day to me! Especially the napping part!

  5. Billy Toad looks pretty good. And the color matches your rig. I'm thinking you'll really like having a newer Jeep. Take care.

  6. "At one time I did own bout a hunnert cassette tapes. Remember them?? I don't listen to music while I'm driv'n down the road....I think. And watch the road."

    I certainly remember...I still have them. I was beginning to think I was a little weird because I do not listen to music, the radio, CD's, etc. etc. while driving. I prefer to think and pay attention to the road as well.

  7. Hey BB I was talking with my son on the base plate we modified and he reminded me of how bad it was to put back up on that Jeep Grand we had to lift the radatator up to slide the flange up into the frame and had to remove most of that air dam (bumper) all in all I had a lot of cut and bruse fingers...

  8. A 6 cd changer in the back of billy jeep, another extra bonus.