Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yabba dabba doo....or what ever

Sometimes we say stuff we wish later we could take back....."should'a never say that Billy Bob". I'm talk'n bout politics and blogs. Two of the worstest things you can mention on a blog is religion an' good ol' "fist fight'n" politics. Especially at a time like this when the country is so equally divided. But anyhows, what I'm git at, we lose some of the bestest friends we could ever have or sit around a campfire with, simply 'cause of division (left an' right).

Now, where was we at? Oh yeah, there will be no "Billy Bob's Story" story today. Ya see, I got to think'n bout how much my life story I'm will'n to share. I got to do me some think'n bout that. My life ain't all been good an' I get all piss off think'n bout the not so good stuff.

I think I'll leave it at that for today.....OH, did I ever tell ya bout the time..........???
Had me a step mom one time. Seven years older than me....I was 13. She grabs holt to a belt, gonna whoop my ass 'cause I backtalk her or something like that. Violence ain't gonna work. I takes that belt out her hand, lay one across her ass....she never try that shit more. Of course, my dad beat the liv'n hell out me when he come home drunk at midnight. 

Yesterday I wanted sooo much to go out there an' take the "billy jeep" slap apart. Up under the front end si this big ol' piece of plastic what protects the radiator an' stuff when ya run over rocks an' boulders, tree stumps, live chickens....stuff like that. It got to be removed before I can install the tow bar baseplate. We slid the baseplate in them openings under the grill where it supposed to go.....it's gonna work. Maybe with no modification other than new bolt holes.

I ain't done no more bout the alternator not charg'n on "da house". It's been too damn cold out there to be mess'n with stuff like that. This is a time I wished one my electrician sons was here to help out their daddy. But then, they still ain't as smart as their daddy bout electric stuff. "I can fix anything". But it sure would be nice to spend some time with 'em. Maybe go play some golf or something like that. But then, they still cain't beat their daddy in a round of golf.

Oh shit, I got things to do.....the day has been wasted.

Stink'n Google....won't update....grrrrrrrr

Third try...different browser....


  1. Glad your base plate looks like it will work!

    Sorry about your childhood.... you didn't deserve it, but it makes you stronger! I had a dad who if you brought him the wrong tool, he would HIT you with it! Learned the difference quick between a waterpump pliers and a needlenose, a torx head vs an allen wrench.... and you always brought the wrench sizes one higher and one smaller just in case HE guessed wrong and took it out on his kid!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. I think I get what you are saying lived with people who told others they were our grandparents, my ass tried to beat us every chance they got..I told the school teachers and they were arrested this in the 60's no less..They took kids from the reform schools for boys and girls and worked them to death and beat them too, all the taxpayers paid for them, they got really mean and did horrible things, we had to live there as our Mom was a dying and after she died we lived in foster homes worse than those farm people, I learned a lot and I have never ever hit a tiny one or older one, our daughter has never known why I am a such a softee around little ones, they are innocent why hurt and beat them, it is just plain wrong..some kids go a little wild but who cares, they just kids beating them and talking to them and about their mother in wrong ways is just so wrong..I would never harm others at all..it is just a bunch of crap to do so..I read and re-read your blog daily some people hurt your soul, you have grown up to not be like them at all, but it hurt your soul and mind a lot and for that reason I think you are a wonderful wonderful human being with real humanity and a heart of gold,not many people survive being treated wickedly by their dad and stepmom to actually have a decent grip on reality and how to treat others I see it all the time in the news a kid goes nuts they don't tell you he was whipped continually by his kin day and night..my goodness sakes..Have a wonderful weekend, don't mind others comments, you are wonderful wonderful human being..keep a trucking and I love your humor too, it gets me to giggle how you say things, hunnert like that and other things, reminds me of my brother who used words to mask the pain of losing his momma and always has been a person with a sense of humor..ciao, oh, happy Chinese new year today 1/31/14..year of the Wooden Horse, many you have a million moments of love, peace and joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Always havin fun there should be warming up soon for you. Good deal with the base plate too.