Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hard work'n day....yesterday

It's lay'n out there on the ground. Yesterday I got that tow bar bracket removed from "that jeep". Some measurements was made an' "Yeee  Haw, it gonna work on the "billy jeep". After some modification of course.

Removing the tow bracket was the easy job. Nuttin to it....just git under there an' remove some bolts.
After much investigation, take'n stuff apart an' Google, it was determined the alternator is good (14.45 output volts)....not broke. That leaves to Battery Control Center to be investigated. BCC's are mostly used only on motorhomes.....an' "my god", them things are expensive. There's bout a gazillion wires what go in that box, bout 20 fuses, a hand full of little relays an' circuit breakers, an' a bunch of electronic stuff on a circuit board. The circuit board is rather expensive too. Anyhows, that what I learn in bout 4 hours of pull'n my hair out.

Then I had to take me up some aspirin an' go lay down. I ain't designed to get in those kind of crumpled up positions no more. Joseph called in sick, so he weren't much help. Dad gum boy needs to get his priorities right....Uncle Bill first.

Checked the fish'n report for Falcon lake. It's not good folks. A few fish was caught, but nuttin over 10 pounds. Still way to cold down there for the old Billy Bob to be out on a lake fish'n in the "bubba boat". They also have a alligator gar problem down there. The lake is over run with 'em and the Fish an' Wildlife ain't gonna do nuttin bout it. Alligator gar eat bass ya know, an' Falcon lake is a renowned bass fish'n lake.

Last nights low was 34 degs. It's made it up to 38 this afternoon. I call that cold. I ain't gonna go outside for nuttin. Laters.....I feel a nap come'n on. 


  1. That cold wet ice knife wind is cutting right through the fiberglas on my trailer. Nasty it is to be sure.

  2. Good for you the bar will work.
    15 deg. the highest today and several inches snow poured down. Certainly not fit to be out in but I did; made myself a pint of Lemon Snowcreme. Good to the last speck! Sure needing some warm spells. 4F due tonight - egads and here my lights are flickering! Wondering who to call for rescue; nobody to call.

  3. Good luck with renovating that tow bar and that electrical stuff. You get warm soon right?