Sunday, January 26, 2014

Updated.....Still fix'n stuff

Update to todays post:
Well, here I are sit'n at the Welder RV park in Sinton, Texas. Space #44 if'n ya really really want to know. I rekon ya already guessed it, that's a golf course right over there. I'm bet'n bout a dollar that if the weather is anything like today, I'll be swak'n golf balls tomorrow morning. Oh never mind that, tomorrows forecast says 64 degs and 22 mile a hour winds. Every day cain't be a fun day, but at least I'll have a empty black water tank. 

Ok, here's the newest deal. "Sally da house" is broke. Alternator is not charging. Now what the hell???  Oh yeah, did I mention the house water pump ain't work'n neither? "Damn Billy Bob, you always break'n stuff".

Morning post:
Well shoot, I ain't got nuttin to talk about this morn'n.

I rekon I could mention the beautiful weather we got. It got a bit nippy last night (35degs), but it's a long ways from 35 degs now. It's beautiful....or something like that.

Nephew Joseph parked the "billy jeep" right outside my door after his repairs were completed. Since it was just a short walk, I went out there with a tape measure thingy look'n at stuff. "Where the hell am I gonna put my fish poles an' tackle boxes"? And all that other stuff I got in the back of "that jeep". "Jesus Billy Bob, you're a junk collector".

When I was younger and see a nut, bolt or a screw lay'n on the ground, you pick that sucker up an' ya keep it. Then a year later ya throw all that crap in the nearest dumpster.

I was sit'n there in the front seat....admir'n all the fancy stuff ya know. Well hell, I'm sit'n in a "power" seat, go in all kinds of positions. Well, no it don't go in all kinds of positions. I can fix that I betcha. No I can't...."Joseph, help me up"!! (I've fallen and I can't get up). Anyhows, we got the front seat work'n bout as good as we gonna. Then Joseph tears the air cond/heater slap apart. Sucks a ton of dirt an' crap out of the coils with his handy little shop vac thingy. Man boy howdy, that sucker blows some kind of air now.

An' then I gets down on the ground, measur'n stuff for the tow bracket. Damn it, I sure would like to save the cost of a brand new bracket, but it looks like I'm out of luck. The modified "little red bronco" bracket just ain't gonna work. "Modify it Billy Bob". *Still think'n maybe I can modify it* But first, Joseph needs to remove the front bumper and grill so's I can see what I'm do'n. The "tow bar bracket" saga continues.

About this recent back problem what pop up all a sudden. It's get'n much better, but I still walk around like a old man on his last leg. I been pop'n bout three 500mg aspirins a day since last Wednesday. That's just for pain relief so's I can exercise my lower back....an' everbody knows how much I exercise. If'n this messes up my golf'n game, I'm gonna be highly pissed.

In the mean time, I got to go to the RV park to empty my black water tank. *think'n...if I could only lift the lid on the septic tank*  Then go to the propane sell'n place, what ain't all that important. I got a portable tank hooked up for cook'n an' the water heater ya know. Since I have experience in boondock'n, I only turn the water heater on when I need hot water. It's amazing what you can do with cold water.

Ok, I got to run by the RV park an' take a look see. Laters.


  1. Hope your back problem continues to ease. Nothing worse than back pain and dental pain.

    1. Oh, dental pain. I didn't tell ya bout that did I? Got me two what may need pulled.....grrrrrrrrr!!!

  2. I hope Joseph gets a day off from work soon.

    1. Yeah, I gave him the day off since it's Sunday. But I have a new fix all lined up for him. Water pump went out on "da house" and the alternator ain't work'n neither.

  3. Perhaps the base plate will be adaptable once you get a good gander of the innards on the new Jeep?. we looked at picks from the difference between the plate on our old Tracker and the one they "said" we needed for the newer Tracker....heck, steveio did a little creative welding and bolt swapping. Works fine and is probably stronger than before!

    I bet your nephew can come up with a money saving solution....

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. Good luck with that base plate, maybe you get er done yet.

  5. Yikes! That was so unfortunate. I can't believe all those issues popped up in just a day. I'm at least glad that you decided to get a portable tank. I guess it's more environmentally friendly to only turn up the water heater when you need hot water. Anyway, I hope you're doing great, Billy Bob. Take care! :)

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp