Monday, January 27, 2014

No I ain't play'n no golf today

Ok, go figger.....freak'n weather forecasts are stupit.

I got up early this morn'n. Why? 'Cause I was bout to wet the bed, that's why. I was expect'n it to cold like a sum-a-gun this morn'n. Ha, it weren't. So let me tell ya what it's do'n out there. It's 58 degs, sun is shin'n like a big ball of fire, and very little wind is blow'n. That's a golf ball swak'n day if'n there ever was one.

There will be no golf ball swakn today. Not 'cause of the weather, but 'cause I feel like hell this morn'n. I was sit'n on the couch last night. I got light headed an' a smiggin on the dizzy side. Something weren't right....so I went to bed. I feel the same this morn'n. My back would never make it through 18 holes.

Here in a bit, I got to take "Sally" back to El Rancho Abraham. I ain't pay'n no $25 a night to sit here an' drool over that dad gum golf course over there. I got things to do ya know....house water pump an' the dad gum alternator what quit charg'n.

I been do'n some think'n bout that alternator. Ya see, when I was work'n on the house batteries a while back, I left the hood wide open. And it rained. Right on that big ol' fuse panel/circuit board thingy. Or I suppose it did. I worked on the circuit board before. Burned a wire slap up on that sucker.....an' fixed it. I don't really think a alternator would go out if'n it was just sit'n there do'n nuttin. I'm suspect'n the circuit board. (All control 12 volt voltage stuff goes through the circuit board. Alternator included. Now where I gonna get $500 for a new one? "Hey Joseph, can ya give me a hand....I've fallen an' can't get up"? "Check the fuses Billy Bob". Well duh, ya think I'm stupit or something?

Ok, I got to unhook the electric cord an' head on down the road a piece. See ya laters.



  1. yep check da fuses first off would be a good thing.

  2. The driver's side window leaks water into the compartment that holds the fuses, etc. So far, all that don't work is the electric driver's side widow. I just don't go on any toll roads.

    1. I suppose Dizzy, if'n you was to fix that leak, my alternator would start working again. We were talk'n bout my alternator....right?