Monday, January 4, 2010

Back break'n work

Old Billy Bob ain't one them guys what sits around all day "do'n nuttin". Well...one time I did, but that were years ago when I had one them hangover thingys what ya get from drink'n too much beer.

Anyhows, first thing I done this morn'n was break out that mixer machine and brewed me up a batch of bread dough. By 11:30 that crap was still the same size when I put it in a bowl to rise. Oh what the hell, stick it in the solar over anyhows. Oh yeah, that gonna do the trick....Clouds. A whole sky full. Off to the propane oven in "da house". In the mean time whiles all that were go'n on, I started another back break'n project.....
Tennessee Kens cocktail table.After I got all that stuff done....run'n round the desert look'n for for sticks for the legs, drill'n leg holes, grind'n the legs to fit the holes, carv'n out his name and stain'n it, I fount out I don't have any polyurethane to finish it. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob????

Sure is boring at the slabs. Same freak'n 75 degs every day, sunshine ('cept when ya wanna bake something), no wind and so quiet ya can hear the neighbors talk'n way over there. Bout two week or so, I'm gonna pull up stakes here and head off to Yuma....at least I won't be bored there fish'n every day.

Just pulled the bread out the oven....nope, didn't rise. What the hell did I do this time???
Oh well, it smells good.


  1. It's tough having to do all that wimmen stuff for your ownself BB. The first thing you have to do when making bread is to proof the yeast your using, that stuff will up and die on you in a flash, so you need to pour the yeast into a small bowl and add a 1/2 cup of warm water and a TS of sugar and sturr it up, let it set for a little while and if the yeast is good it will start to foam a little on the top. If it's dead it will just lay there. always check the date on your package, I know your expired back in 02.

    Now use that bread to make a big bread pudding ---Yummmmmmmm

  2. It may be heavy bread, but I bet it will still taste good! Made me hungry for home made bread just looking at the picture!

  3. bread looks good, I dont know if Ima gonna get out there before you take off to Yuma. It I dont see ya have a good trip and it was nice to meet you.