Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The great rain storm

And not only that....we had hail. Boy howdy, did it rain or what? And there more on the way....I'm gonna drown.

Ok....I went to crank the engine to "Sally da house" an guess what. Battery problem, just like it were last year. But this year I ain't got an extra battery for the engine. But that only half of it....now the handle broke on my 5 gallon bucket. What is a man to do when all these things happen the same time? Oh, and fore I forgit, I got a water leak on the tv antenna. Now how the hell that happen...it never leak before.

Yeah, old Billy Bob had hisself 2 bad days. Makes me wanna just pack up and go somewhere. What I was gonna do tomorrow, but then we got this big ol' storm what mean it's gonna be nuttin but mud in Yuma. Maybe I'll just sleep for the next 4 or 5 days till it all passes.

Then....I ate a bowl of "Chili Bobs" famous Colorado chili. Not to knock his famous chili, but I need Alka Seltzer...or something like that. Yep....old Billy Bob done had him 2 bad days.


  1. Dang BB,, all I can suggest is, hunker down with the puppies and stay dry. You know you are in the California desert and it is going to dry out,, Hell, it never rains in California. :-)

  2. Timing is everything, how do u spell ke mo sabi? LOL

  3. Are you under water lookin for your dish, kat, and lugnut?

  4. Time to head to Terlingua--supposed to be 80 this week there.
    Probably 100+ are coming in for the board meeting (I hope) the weekend of the 29th. You don't want to miss all the action! ;-)
    You have lots of friends there.
    You are more than welcome to park on my land again also. :-) Or other offers you have had, I know its fun to see different parts of the ranch.