Monday, January 25, 2010

Who's that guy???

Last night I were think'n, when ya gonna tell em' bout old Pancho Villa and grandpa's stuck model T truck?
Well, before I get into that story, maybe I need to tell ya how my grandpa come to be anywhere close to where he would meet the notorious Pancho Villa. So this is gonna be a long drawn out bunch of writ'n just to get up to the story.

In 1834, two brothers, Herman Heinrich Piepmeyer (my great great grandfather) and Johan Heinrich Wilham Piepmeyer, came to the United States by way of old sail'n ships....there weren't no big luxury cruise ships at that time. They settled in a little town called Dutzow, Missouri, where they took up trades of farmer, blacksmithing, stone masons and wine making. My great grandfather Johan Adolf Piepmeier was born in 1845 and baptized in Femme Osage, Mo. Note: Spelling was changed in 1845 from Piepmeyer to Piepmeier. Still pronounced the same....duh!!! Herman Piepmeyer moved his large family to Appleton City, Mo. some time between 1860 and 1865....wild guess here. Greatgrand father Johan married and produced offspring....including my beloved grandpa Victor L. Piepmeier. He was a builder, farmer, grocer and musician.

In about the year of 1910 or there bouts, my great and grandfather wagoned to New Mexico territory before it was a State. Indians were still on the rampage and many settlers were killed in an attempt to live in this desolate land. Homesteads were claimed.

Then at the same time came another family to this area, William Perry Birchfield. He was a Texas rancher and acquired many many acres of ranch land. One ranch next to the Piepmeier homesteads. This is where my grandpa met and married my grandmother, Clara Ann Birchfield. He built her a great one room adobe structure out in the middle of nowhere where they produced 3 offspring, of which one was my father William Ralph Piepmeier, before grandma died in 1916 at a very young age of about 26....I think.

What does this have to do with Panhco Villa??? Well just hold on and we'll get to that later.

In the mean time, I got to get to bed.


  1. Because yer grandpa and grandma live in an adobe structure, pancho thought they must be mexicans and came over to share some tequila one day?

  2. Ahhh a cliffhanger! What a storyteller you are---

  3. Aint nuttin like a good "old fart" story, especially one with a few historical facts thrown in. BB you got all my attention, just waitin on you now.

  4. Glad you decided to start the Pancho Villa stories you had promised us some time back.

    BTW how is "Baby Blue Eyes" doing? If you talk to him give him my regards.